Kitchen Confidential

Anyone else see this tonight? I found myself liking it quite a bit, though I know I would have liked it more if Andrea Parker was a regular. God, screw Jaime King and her weird facial structure, Miss Parker (which was also her character’s name in The Pretender) is still really hawt.

I saw it tonight. It seemed to have a pretty snappy pace which was enjoyable. I look forward to seeing more of it.

It was a lot better than I was expecting from the commercials, but still vaguely unsatisfying for some reason I can’t quite place. It gets a few more episodes to prove itself, though.

Is she also wearing really short skirts in this too? And has she gotten rid of that all-too-disappointing blonde color?

Pros: It’s got the best cult-actor casting of any show this season, what with Xander from Buffy, Harold from Harold & Kumar and the kid from Freaks & Geeks. Also, the pilot was surprisingly funny.

Cons: The dude playing the lead is sorta irritating.

Conclusion: Well, what the hell else am I gonna watch after Arrested Development?

I do really like the cast. I kinda liked it, but I have to say I didn’t laugh very much. In that way it doesn’t compare well to Arrested Development which always has me rolling. I’ll give it a chance to grow. Could become great.

It’s pretty weak, and I don’t have much hope for it.

I’ll give them props for trying, but the kitchen stuff just doesn’t ring true for me.