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Stusser can answer this better than I can I’m sure, but I think the answer is that convection is superior and picking up one of those portable ovens is a LOT cheaper and easier than replacing your main oven with a convection version. As for why is convection itself so great, my understanding is it circulates heated air through the entire oven space evenly, which means more even cooking and faster cooking times. So better cooking, faster cooking, and more efficient energy usage. There’s probably a lot more he could say on the subject (and he probably already has, upthread).


Huh. Sounds a bit like the reason for sous vide, but with air instead of water.


Also a small oven gives off less heat, and the Breville is easier to clean and turns off automatically when the cooking time is over.


I was skeptical since toaster ovens SUUUCK historically. But the Breville has won me over. It gets to temperature way faster than the big oven, doesn’t heat the whole house, etc.


Yeah, it heats up much faster, heats more evenly, doesn’t heat up my entire apartment, and has a convenient timer so I don’t need to watch it. Also, you can make toast.


If you already have the stand mixer, Kitchenaid attachments don’t take up that much room.


They’re super versatile!


I love my KitchenAid… but not that much.




Oh trust me, I know. And my girlfriend knows I know. It’s a dangerous standoff



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In the sauce. Of course.



Sausage stuffer attachment, used with love, mostly thoroughly cleaned. Will consider trade for power tools OBO.



I’m not sure if this is the right thread for this, but I guess it’s as good as any.

Does anyone here use cast iron cookware on their glass top electric stove? When we bought our new house, we had our choice of appliances (as it was new construction) and opted for a glass top stove. I haven’t yet used my cast iron on it, because I’ve read all sorts of articles here and there saying that you shouldn’t because it can get too hot, cause the heating elements to shut down, or worse, crack the glass.

I’ve seen some posts from random people on assorted websites say they use cast iron on their glass top stoves, but I was wondering if anyone here had any first hand experience?


I use an incredibly heavy 12" cast iron skillet all the time on my glass stove top. I wouldn’t care if it got a little scratched up though. Hasn’t scratched yet though, last I checked.


I use cast iron on my glass top stove on a daily basis, including my enameled cast iron.

The danger isn’t really that you’ll scratch it (as iron isn’t really hard enough to scratch glass unless you REALLy try). The danger is that you might crack the top if you just plunk the cast iron down onto it, since it’s heavy.

But since the surface is tempered, even that is somewhat unlikely.