Kitchen Gadgetry


I had no idea the Instapot could boil eggs. I need to check the manual, or I could see blowing them up or something equally horrifying.

Right now I use one of those egg timers that you throw in the pot with your eggs. It requires attention, because if I miss the soft setting, I just make egg salad for the family. I was hoping for a set and forget gadget that’ll give me those luscious runny yolks every time.


This may be helpful:

Note that I haven’t tried it myself (I have never been into boiled eggs in their own right and haven’t gotten around to cooking anything that used them), but I helped make egg salad with some Insta-potted hard-boiled eggs when staying with my grandma and mom last fall.




Only if it comes with an LCD screen though.


Does anyone use one of those ceiling racks for their pots and pans? Does it actually look okay and how much weight can they hold (I can imagine it coming crashing down on our heads ).

We are downsizing again after 7 months of renting a three bedroom condo to purchasing a two bedroom and anything that can allow us to use our space more efficiently is something I interested in learning about.


If you’re talking about wall mounting something, then how much weight it can hold is almost always a function of how you anchor it to the wall rather than the thing itself.

Of course, if you buy something that’s incredibly flimsy, this advice does not apply.


They are mounted to the ceiling with four chains at least the ones I have looked at so far.


Then make sure you link those chains very well to a beam or something and it should hold a lot of weight.


Arrendak has it right. Bolt into studs or beams and you should be fine, unless of course the chains themselves are flimsy.


As long as your anchors are in the joists you are fine.


So I dropped my wooden pizza peel and it broke. I obviously need a sturdier one. Does anyone here have a preference between all wood and metal? I’m liking the idea of metal because its thinner and more slippery.


Wood is more slippery, but once you dust it with flour it doesn’t make any difference.


I prefer cornmeal but point taken.


You would, you son of a bitch!


Zeppoli to you.


Yeah. I have a metal peel. It works well enough to not buy a wood peel, but it definitely isn’t as slippery as wood. Dough sticks to metal more than wood. It’s actually a little bit of a pain in the ass to get it to slide off, even with cornmeal, but again, I’m cheap, and I don’t know how much better wood would be.


I have both wood and metal peels. I personally prefer metal for smaller pies because of the thinness. Wood is less sticky and the thickness is less of an issue for big pies.


Hmmm. That makes sense. My metal peel is large (well, at least I think it is). I could see a small, thinner peel being useful for smaller pizzas.


I have a metal peel and it works fine after using the advice of folks here and using semolina. I like that it’s so thin.


I’m coming to love the wooden peel my girlfriend’s mother gave her. It’s the first peel I’ve used, and I like how it works. It’s such a gratifying kitchen tool. It just takes practice. And as @stusser says above, flour makes a world of difference.

Now I just have to find an easier way to make pizza dough. The stuff from the store is okay, but I kinda want to start making my own on a regular basis.