Kitchen Gadgetry


As do I. I’ve had it for so long that one side of the blade got dull. So I just pulled it out and flipped it around. Brand new peeler!


I do as well. Best peeler ever. I’m also partial to the OXO salad spinner, the OXO mixing bowls and OXO meat tenderizer. Overall I love -most- of their designs, you can tell they actually design for making the work easier.

I’m not a fan of a few things though. The measuring cups tend to hold on to oils through the wash sometimes, I replaced them with stainless and love those so much more. And the can opener broke within the first month.


So how do people clean these things without losing layers of skin each time? Every time we have shredded cheese, I know this monster is in the sink waiting for my blood again.


Use a sponge with the grain, not against, homie.


With this

And yeah, go with backwards so you don’t shred the bristles (or sponge if you use sponges).


I have one of those peelers as well. It’s a go-to everyday when I make my son dinner.

Also…I met a woman who works in testing at OXO recently. It was one of those awkward social moments where I suddenly got all excited and started asking dumb questions and everybody else in the room was all, “Hey. We were talking about the boyfriend’s job. What’s wrong with you?”

Like the time I met the woman who has a job collecting and storing seeds that are native to California and I couldn’t resist shifting the conversation to her.



But if you go with the grain, it doesn’t dislodge the bits of cheese that are stuck in there. You go against to get them out, and the thing eats your knuckles.


Wait… You’re not supposed to do this? So like, you’re all interested in what one person does, get all excited, ask questions and everyone else doesn’t like it??

I’m not being sarcastic here, I am processing. You’re saying that not everyone else shares my enthusiasm for the same things and you’re supposed to actively keep conversation as some sort of game where each person has equal time and approval?


You go with the grain, but you need to do it on both sides. That should get everything off. Admittedly harder with a narrow box grater.


Ah. Thanks all! Brushes ordered. No more sticking my hand in the box!



And that’s why I have a dish washer.


I approve, a dishwasher in the kitchen is probably more useful than a Bene Gesserit.


My microwave died over the weekend. Apparently the internal light – but not cooking – was causing a surge of some kind, and kept tripping the breaker until the third time killed the microwave outright. Nothing else on the same circuit was running at the time. Well, my Echo was, but I doubt that counts.

Anyway, now I find myself researching microwaves for the first time in many years. From what I can tell, there’s really nothing cool and interesting about microwaves these days. Even the microwaves that have convection oven features are, according to a friend, not really worth it.



If you’re an Alexa house and only need a tiny nuker, check out the Amazon Microwave. Otherwise go with the Wirecutter.


Yeah, these days I tend to start with the Wirecutter articles. The recommended Toshiba EM925A5A is currently discontinued on Amazon and out of stock elsewhere, but the EM131A5C, whose only downside compared to the EM925A5A is the higher price, is still available.

The Amazon microwave looks interesting and I’m considering it. I was little skeptical, and concerned about the proximity to my kitchen Echo (thought the wake word would confuse the two devices), but reading the fine print it turns out that the microwave actually utilizes a separate Echo device for voice activation. That might work out fine. It also boasts that it can determine defrost times based on weight with simple commands, which means no more looking up conversion from ounces to pounds, etc. Although, to be honest, asking Alexa to do the conversion only takes a few seconds.

Still, the more I think about it, the more I think I might actually go for the Amazon microwave. That price is pretty great – half the cost of the Toshiba – and I just bought an expensive Pixel 2 to replace my dead Nexus 5x. Plus I assume the return option has me covered.


I like my Breville, which has a smart sensor that it uses to determine how long to reheat things that is very handy. Also a few other nice design features. Other than that and Amazon’s voice control nonsense I think microwaves remain pretty much microwaves.


Yeah, if you don’t need a big one, why not get the Alexa one? I mean it’s probably not super useful, but what the hell? These things are cheap.


Yup. Thanks for pointing that out, stusser. Even though I’d glanced at it in the past, I would not have really considered the Amazon microwave today otherwise. Decided to pull the trigger because I’m on a super tight budget now due to my phone issues, have very minimal microwave requirements, and feel comforted by the generous return policy. The Alexa feature is a mere potential perk.

Also added the Breville to my kitchen long-term shopping list, malkav11, thanks for mentioning it. (Although honestly, if I ever buy another microwave simply because this one feels inadequate, it’ll probably be the Toshiba because it’s cheaper and I don’t need much out of a microwave.)


The only feature I want in a microwave is a clear remaining time when door opens because people here are lazy and always leave remaining time in the microwave, which means I have to clear it before entering my own stuff.