Kitchen Gadgetry

Looks delish! Now I want to dig out my pasta roller and make some.

Grazie mille, folks. :)

I have the same cutting board:



Any of you purchased one of these Portable Smoothie Maker gadgets? I am thinking about getting one for work, but they all seem the same, and I am concerned about the quality of Chinese knockoffs.

I missed this. Twinsies indeed. My favorite cutting ‘board’. Treats my knives well.

Don’t recall if I posted this. This is my present box grater. It is essentially a box mandoline. The teeth are sharp as razors. But it does a superb job. If you are careful.

I can grate a pound of cheese in well under a minute with a box grater.

Box graters were what made stop trusting the Wirecutter so much. I had 2 of their recommended box graters, an Ikea one and an Oxo one. They both were so dull it took far too much work to grate cheese with them. Threw them away and got a Kitchen Aid one which is good, but not incredible. I don’t trust myself with one that is too sharp.

I’ve almost bought these a few times.

I may be buying these in the near future.

I have those because mandolins still stress me out. I was looking for a pair that you can wash since my old ones got funky. They work well. Haven’t washed a ton yet though to see how they hold up.

Should hold up well other than shrinkage, the stuff they are made of is way tougher than the usual things that go through a washer. I broke out the mandoline again today, the temperature cratered around here and I have a strong desire for hearty casseroles and whatnot, au gratin potatoes are being done. I did have to navigate a bit without a net when I started on the big potatoes but I went to the guard as soon as it was effective, worked a charm. Onions in particular, extremely fast, barely more cleanup than a knife. Still, it was helpless against a chunk of ore-like parmesan, for that I went back to the knife and just chopped it.

Edit: Aw yiss!

Got this today.

I hate soggy pie crust bottoms but also dislike blind baking. Hopefully this will be what I need. It’s heavy duty non-stick carbon steel. Probably bake something in a few days.

Follow up on previous post.

Get this. It’s perfect. Pictures in a moment.

Edit: It’s a swiss and cheddar cheese, ham and onion quiche.

That came out GORGEOUS

Thank you sir. From you, that means a lot. Thinking of getting one? You really should. Actually you should get two. :)

I cannot buy a single extra thing for my kitchen, sadly. But I will watch your adventures with this cool new tool with great excitement!

It is smol. And it has holes in it it. That reduces weight. You could fit it in somewhere. Must I send you one?

Super useful when you don’t have to drill your own holes!

I genuinely beg of you not to. My cabinets are screaming in pain right now, and genuinely good cookware is getting scraped up and abused due to being crammed in with so much other stuff :(