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What am I looking at there? It’s that your quiche sitting on top of a can of chickpeas?

How is that possible?

Because the bottom is not soggy, it is strong!

Chickpeas make bottom strong

Using a can or similar is a common way to de-pan a baked good from a springform pan or similar. Gives the base something solid and fairly narrow to sit on letting the sides drop down.

I didn’t realize the bottom of the pan was separate like a springform pan. :)

That’s the proper way to do a garbanzo bean infusion.

Can you make a deep dish pizza in it (that is the first thing I thought after seeing the pics)

I don’t see why not.

Question for you kitchen wizards. I need advice for daily seasoning for my cast iron pan. I was using a Crisbee stick which worked great but in my search for something less expensive I switched to plain old Crisco. And that sucks - as liberally as I put it on, my eggs still stick like crazy to the pan.

Anyone have any recommendations for a daily seasoning lube for the pan?

Daily? Semi-serious here, but maybe you’re over-cleaning it? I don’t do any maintenance on mine, but I frequently leave it greasy from breakfast and just cook with that, my eggs don’t stick. I figure it was sterile when I turned the heat off, and if it’s too grungy/oily I just heat it back up and give it a dry wipe with a paper towel, which leaves enough oil to cook on. When I do clean it, I like to reoil it with avocado oil, which has a crazy high smoke point. Expensive, but this is the only thing I use it for so it lasts.

This is me, too. A quick wipe and re-heat usually does the trick. If there’s bit of whatever in there, I’ll deglaze with some water. If that picks up too much of the oil on the surface, I’ll put a smidge (like, 1/4 oz at most) of flaxseed oil on a towel and wipe the surface down with that. I use the same oil for re-seasoning every now and then.

If I think there is too much grease in the pan I do the salt thing. Pour a layer of kosher salt in it. Heat it up a bit and then use a paper towel or two, to scrub it out.

Yep, I use the salt method too. Only resort to soap and water scrub if I have no other choice. I’ll always re-oil after that.

I just throw the cast iron in the dishwasher.


Heretic! Burn the heretic!

But seriously, they are way more robust than the common wisdom suggests.

I picked up one of these, a chainmail scrubber for cast iron pans:

No soap, just hot water and a quick scrub with this thing, then hang it up to dry.

@Charlatan I missed your question a few days ago but this is my take as well.

And I use soap sometimes even to clean mine. My favorite thing though is a lodge scraper, this little guy:

They are small, they get ANYTHING stuck on cast iron to let go with a bit of warm water. You just scrape it a bit to loosen things up.

As for your seasoning, it should be staying on unless you’re just taking about use of oil when cooking. Seasoning is a bonded layer to the pan. Not a sheen or oil or stickyness, which are all separate things. Start by cleaning your pan well if it’s any of that. Then apply a bit of oil to it, all over, then wipe it with a paper towel and put it laying upside down in the oven at 200 for 30 min. Take it out and wipe it again, back into the oven, again upside down, and crank that to 450 for 30 minutes. Have your windows open, it will get smokey in the house. If it’s too much, you can take it out early but you need this part as that is essentially the bonding of the oil to the pan. You can take it out, let it cool down completely and do it all again. You can do this many, many times and each time a small layer is added to your seasoning. If you want to be absolutely crazy you can do something like the psycho on reddit that did it 100 times:

To be honest, 3-4 times should get you what you need.

If you want a mini-seasoning, you can clean it, wipe it with your chosen oil or crisco, wipe it down after with a paper towel, then lay it upside down over one of your stove burners until it gets hot and starts to smoke. Remove it from the heat, wipe it down and once it cools off, store it as you would normally.

I did that seasoning with grapeseed oil last week but I swear it is like nothing is on it. When I cook my daily egg it sticks like a mofo, causing me to have to clean it with salt. Maybe I will try re-seasoning it with my Crisbee stick (which I ended up re-purchasing since it actually worked fine until I stopped getting it to try something cheaper)…

I’m glad that I seasoned my pans at a previous house. My smoke alarms would go batshit at this one. :)

I do mine on the grill. No mess, no smoke in the house. Easy peesy.