Kitsune Interprets Perry Bible Fellowship

So there are these vampire kids getting served blood by the mascot from the Red Cross, but they all get too hungry and smash him? Its funny because the Red Cross is supposed to help with blood donations, but starving vampire kids?

Somehow I think I’m missing something.


uh yeah, that’s the freaking Kool Aid Man

Art critique: it’s wrong to draw Kool-Aid Man’s facial features in black, when they’re supposed to just be a darker red, having been formed from wiping the condensation from the pitcher.

That was the shortest Kitsune post I’ve ever seen.

That’s why I read it and replied

Man, cultural differences sure are wacky!

Think about how differently Kitsune viewed that cartoon. To those of us who grew up with the Kool-Aid Man’s triumphant “Ooooh yeah!” as he’d burst through a wall in order to serve up some sugary goodness, the cartoon was amusing in a nostalgic kind of way.

To Kitsune, it was all about vampire children in a feeding frenzy, as they feast upon the shattered remains of the Red Cross’ blood-filled jug mascot.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Nihon-jin are just plain weird :)

Personally I like the kids drinking out of his leg/boot most.

Dont those kids know are not supposed to drink from a broken glass? They are all prolly dead now.

What’s worse is, it’s probably the old red stuff with that carcinogenic dye. Those kids are better off dead!

Weren’t you paying attention? They’re vampires! They can probably shoot carcinogenic glass shards out of their eyes now or something.

I love this thread.

I give it four Bags!

Out of how many?



Perry Bible Fellowship is the greatest webcomic ever.

It looks like a combination of ironic Kool-Aid bashing by someone who has watched a lot of television and a moral story of human impetuosity and greed overcoming sustainability.

There’s a dog in there too, you unobservant cad.

Cups were involved also.

Cups were involved also.[/quote]

Anyway, it’s bullshit because there is no gaping freshly-smashed hole in the wall behind Kool Aid Man. What, don’t tell me he used the door.

As an aside, KAM’s cameo in an old Family Guy was awesome.

“Oh, no!”

“Oh, no!”

“Oh, yeahhhhhhh!(Smile turns into an expression of embarassed puzzlement as KAM slowly backsteps out of the hole in the wall he just made, seeing no kids thirsting for sugary noncarbonated refreshment)