Kitsune! I've got a Japanese body language question

Super blast from the past. Who wants to drink some piss?

What is this mannerism? This is a common thing in Japan? My Dad was stationed there for several years in the mid 60’s. Not sure if he’d remember ah if these mannerisms notwithstanding, but I’d be curious to hear if you noticed any of those behaviors in the older 60+ generation.

Will you miss Japanese tv? They sure do some odd things, but their game shows always make one smile. :)

Is it really true that showing your hotel room key to people is how you ask people to come up with you to your hotel room? Or is that an old thing?

It’s when you suck air back through your teeth. I person might do it when they’re surprised by some negative news or stressing over a difficult decision to make.

As for TV, I mainly hate it because there’s so much garbage but I’m sure I’ll hate most of the television back home as well. I’m probably just suffering from “old man” syndrome. With that said, yes there are a few shows that would have me literally rofl’ing.

As for the hotel key thing, I’ve never heard of that. I imagine that people are a lot more direct here as there aren’t the sexual religious taboos here to worry about.