KKK calls it a day

http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/biztech/06/19/japan.sony.ap/index.html - and before you ask, it’s Krazy Ken Kutaragi.

awww /tear


Not too surprising, considering his recent “reassignment.”

Different news item.

Edit: Sorry. I guess it’s not that different.

lol, KKK!
Because the guy who brought videogaming to popular culture with the Playstation is equivalent to a bunch of racist hatemongers? Oh right. A DaveC post. At least it’s an accurate one, for a change. Even if it’s “months behind”

edit for month’s behind link:

Man, you are the touchiest fanboy I have met in a while. It’s a friggin’ joke and not even mine. I stole it from a news story posted last year on Shacknews. Seriously, are you the defender of the “faith” or something? And I posted the story because today is the day it actually happened. Maybe you should lay off the caffiene or something.

That’s funny, I haven’t even had a coffee today. I’m just tired of your shit, as usual - seeing a DaveC topic started I’m 90% sure what it’s about.

Here’s how you write a joke about Ken Kuturagi:

“Today Ken Kuturagi officially stepped down as Chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment, after announcing his retirement on April 26th. It also marks the first time he’s delivered something on time and under budget for Sony.”

I know you have 4 years of nerd rage to work through after supporting the Xbox 1 for so long, but try and put some effort into it. Christ.

Dave, be careful before he starts channeling K0NY…

I gotta admit, that’s funnier than associating crazy Ken with the KKK.

Jesus christ dad, I’ll just go mow the fucking lawn then!!

As for humor, I am guessing you are being sarcastic and don’t actually consider what you wrote funny. When It comes to nerd rage dude, you got me beat hands down.

It’s no double post of “lol, sonyprotectiongroup.com! lol!”
And I did write it myself, so I couldn’t hand pick it from some other website. So you’ve got me there, I guess. It’d probably be funny if Teamxbox posted it though.

Only when it comes to you, sweety

This sort of announcement always leaves so much room for speculation, exactly because of the vague wording. But is it true that SCE is Sony’s only successful division, pretty much keeping the company afloat?

Let’s make out.

It’s the best part about fighting!

Now THAT’S funny. It would only be funnier if it were a webcomic!

No! The kiss of DOOM!

Get a room, you two.

It was a dumb joke you made based upon old news that would be buried on Digg by now. That’s Digg, which is filled with Microsoft/Xbox fanboys (OK some of them are Apple fanboys). I don’t even know where the KKK “joke” came from. Maybe if the CNN article said something about him fucking up VAIO slave drives or something. And where did you even get the third K? Is his middle name “Killer?”

Apparently you missed the root post. It’s not supposed to be a parallel with sheet wearing folks in the southern US, it’s a play on him being “crazy” by making statements like these - http://www.ps3today.com/Blogs/JournalBlogView/hqs/blr_129.aspx

And proceeding from there KKK sounds funnier than CKK. Do you want a bibliography as well?

Edit: Just as a reference - krazy ken kutaragi - Google Search