KKK is a Winner!

This falls into the category of “What the hell were they thinking”.

A small-town Ontario restaurant owner says a Royal Canadian Legion’s Halloween party awarded first prize in a costume contest to a person in Ku Klux Klan robes leading a man in blackface at the end of a rope.

I really don’t understand the thought process behind the two that came up with the costume. It wasn’t the brightest idea. As for whoever was judging the costumes, perhaps they may have been the very best done costume at the party, but awarding it first prize? Well, it is a Legion Hall, so I suspect that alcohol may have played some part in the thought process.

Yer. Is there even a KKK in Canada? Was there some background anti-Americanism going on here? Or was it straight up racism on the hoof? (Well, obviously it was, but were they also lampooning Americans?)

Hell yeah there’s a KKK in Canada. Canada is pretty racist when you get to the rural areas.

Windsor, though, that’s not rural, that’s just laid-off meth-addicted daughter-fucking ‘support our troops’ magnet-having toothless toxic wasteland, like Oshawa but nicer.

Edit- I should say that there used to be a KKK in Canada, now all those dudes are in Kiwanis or the Legion I guess.

In the commonwealth Halloween has been more about horribleness than cute costumes, so in terms of horribleness, the KKK rates right up there.

Dressing up as a racist doesn’t make you a racist. Same is true for witches, vampires and werewolves.

But it was very much in poor taste, that is for sure… I am more surprised people here aren’t up in arms about the police investigating this incident.

So he’s an reenactor?

He’s not a witch, he’s you!