KMPlayer - One video player to rule them all?

One of my Korean co-workers says this is the best video player there is.

Check it out.

He says it plays everything, and you can adjust a fuckton of stuff in the options. Also streaming video that is downloading to spot check it. I’m looking at you bit torrent’ers.

I haven’t really used it yet since I’m still at work but was wondering what some of the videophiles think, if there are any here.

It looks suspiciously like Winamp.

I just installed it and tried it for about 15 minutes. It uses Winamp Library, can handle Winamp plugins, probably skins like Winamp as well. But the video player part seems different. Plays the H.264 stuff pretty well, avi or mkv. >shrug< The amount of options is indeed overwhelming. It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to go to fullscreen. (Alt-enter. I can’t believe I didn’t try it first.)

Interesting, that could be a nice addition to my utilities list.