Knights of Badassdom

Day one for me.

Hell YES.

That looks really good, and it has some great actors in it, as well as Summer Glau.

Summer Glau’s face kind of weirds me out, but it’s got Dinklage so without a doubt it’ll be fantastic.

It’ll have some good bits, most of which were in the trailer, but will otherwise be mediocre. Sorry.


Oh man, that looks awesome. Fucking day one.

I’d be happy to be wrong; I’m a movie trailer pessimist by nature, though :)

Same, and can’t wait–this looks like everything Your Highness wanted to be in the fantasy comedy department.

Summer Glau taking a page out of the Buffy playbook and using a bazooka to fight demons? Yes please!

That is so badass!

So many awesome people in this, from Danny Pudi to Ryan Kwanten, to Jimmi Simpson, and of course Dinklage too.

I will so be there.

The director is a friend of mine, so being informed + loyalty = optimism. Also because I know he’s seen tons of trailers for movies for which your prediction would have been correct.

Other than the cast (Dinklage), this looks kinda lame, and I’m usually not as picky as you lot here. What am I not seeing?

The trailer sorta went downhill for me after the whole succubus thing. I sorta expected more like a horde of monsters or something, I’m not sure how the succubus is going to be interesting enough for the second half of a movie.

But I might be willing to pay up just to see the first half.

You must be humorless or something. Sorry, couldn’t resist :)

I am so there on opening weekend.

You were never a young male nerd?

Hope… hehehe.

If it holds up, it could be great fun to watch with a big group of QT3’ers.

That’s not funny, OPPRESSOR.