Knights of Badassdom

If the trailer is anything to go by, I can only imagine spending the whole movie annoyed by underuse of Abed.

  1. Jason Stackhouse
  2. Peter Dinklage dual-wielding shortswords
  3. Summer Glau looking the hottest ever

That’s my 3x3. Also, LARP for lulz.

Yeah, I felt the same way. It looks like a standard teen flick horror movie after the succubus arrives, albeit one with humor played up.

The Wild Hunt was pimped by Penny Arcade a few weeks back, and actually looks much more interesting given that it probably didn’t have a tenth of the budget of Knights of Badassery.

Of course, the only way to see The Wild Hunt is to order the DVD from Amazon. Oh! The DVD is on Netflix, but it’s not on streaming.

Other than the LARP premiss, these appear to be two very different movies. One appears to be Army of Darkness the other seems to have more in common with Lord of the Flies.

It reminds me of the LARPing scenes from Role Models, which are hilarious.

yeah I got that vibe as well, and I really liked Role Models.

You’re right. I guess I’m pimping a more interesting looking movie.

I hope I hope I hope the theater that sells beer gets this.

You have theatres that sell alcohol? Slightly jealous.

I thought The Wild Hunt was pretty interesting at first but it really falls apart quickly. Definitely not anything like the Knights trailer except for the LARP aspect.

Alamo Drafthouse. Movies, food and alcohol. Zero tolerance for people that use cellphones, talk too loud, etc. It’s awesome, but you need to get tickets quick – they sell out real fast. It’s so legendary in Texas culture that Governor Ann Harris did a PSA that the theater showed before movies. They still sometimes do.

You mean Ann Richards. And, for the record, texting totally counts as talking. :-)

Also, there’s another theater in Roundrock that opened recently that is just like the Alamo Drafthouse, only cleaner. Flix Brewhouse.

and then there is the iPic cinema (Gold Class) with the reclining leather seats, but that was $40 for me and my GF.

Ack, my bad for mixing up Governor last names. You have to admit though, the Drafthouse is pretty great, and fairly cheap. I never went to the iPic when I lived in Austin, but friends tell me it’s great.

In Boston there’s the Somerville Theater. It doesn’t have food like the the Alamo Drafthouse, but the drinks and zero tolerance for talking and cell phones are all still there. Tickets are only $7 too.

It is my very favorite theater.

We have one in Fredricksburg VA called the Muvico 13 that has a 21 and over, reserved seating balcony area that also has a zero tolerance cellphone policy, plus a bar in the balcony level.

There’s also an Alamo Drafthouse nearby, but I found their seats to be pretty uncomfortable.

For the record LoK, I said use of cellphones :). You’ve been there, you know the rules.

This looks embarrassing.

What’s wrong with buying a ticket beforehand, getting drunk at home and then going to the theater? It would be way cheaper too.

Damn that’s odd. I knew that Europe had theatres that sold drinks, but had no idea places in the US did too. I don’t know of a single movie theatre here that sells alcohol (not that that’s a problem since there’s a sports bar right next to my favorite theatre).

And your prices are crazy! Here tickets are $12 - $17.50.