Knights of Honour 2


I have fond memories of the first game.

Wow! The first game was really great, but when I tried to play it again not so long ago, I couldn’t bear with its pacing anymore,

The original had AMAZING music.

If you check the second small video preview on the store page, it has quite an enticing piece of soundtrack as well, which bodes well.

Honor or honour? That’s the real battle.

@ the 1:02 mark, 2nd trailer on the Steam page, that’s a good looking rendition of England.

Plus some nice harp (?) music in the background.

Of all the games that I didn’t expect to be getting a sequel, this would definitely be in the running!

I quite liked the original. It had a sort of Rise of Nations feel to it. A real-time civ-lite, only set in medieval times.

Wow. Just the other day I was thinking it would be nice to have a sequel, or at least an updated version. I LOVED the original.

Wishlisted! Thanks for the heads-up, BloodyBattleBrain.

So cool. Wasn’t there something in the OG where the advisors you hired could turn out to be moles for foreign powers? And you could plant your own spies in other courts? Yeah the pacing was glacial (little armies creeping across the countryside), but I remember it being kind of suspenseful too. Very excited about this.

I somehow must have missed the first installment of this, I hadn’t heard of it.

Yes, you could send a Spy to a rival court in the hopes he would be granted a title. Of course the AI could do t he same.

Yeah, it’s all coming back to me now. I remember getting completely submarined at the worst possible moment once or twice. And it was really gratifying when you pulled it off yourself. That’s such a great mechanic. I can’t think of many other games (Phantom Doctrine + maybe CK2 + that one bad Game of Thrones RTS) that have used it. Really hoping it’s in the new one.

You missed out on an excellent strategy title, much better than the Critic Reviews of it on Metacritic (77 Metascore and 8.8 User Score).

I only hope its successor will be as good as the original Knights of Honor was.

One of the nicer things about the recent Three Kingdoms Total War game. You can try and do similar devious plans in Total War as well now. That feeling when you successfully pull it off in any game, or fall victim to it, is unrivaled.

I can’t even remember what the original’s gameplay was like.

I seem to recall that the cap on the number of armies you fielded meant a bit of whack-a-mole action. It’s been a while though.

I do recall enjoying it overall though.