Knights of the Chalice (OGL RPG)


Strangely, the visitors ranked ‘A Farewell to Dragons’ in fifth place. That makes no sense at all.


Is this the part where I yell at you for bumping the thread without news of a sequel?

I’d accept a bump for more people playing the game as well.


I count this as a step towards both. So quityerbitchin’.

I imagine the visitors are predominantly hardcore RPGers who find different things to like in the RPPG genre than the average PC gamer…but what do i know? Don’t answer that.


Why have I heard of A Farewell to Dragons recently?


I recently pick it up but I am not ready to play it yet. I will bump this thread when I get to it.


I thought I remembered Mr. Sharp bringing it up


I’ve been playing this off and on recently. I suck, partly due to the fact that this is my first experience with OGL or anything D&D post 2nd edition.

Quick question, should I be grinding in the overland at all or should I be able to play without worrying about that?


Some grinding is likely to help, especially in the early stages.


I never did. If you run into a difficult out-of-level fight (there were a few super tough ones), you can effectively grind by save scumming it until you are victorious.


I didn’t grind at all and thought the challenge was pretty much perfect. I have however been playing D&D based computer games for uh… decades so it was all old hat to me. Can’t say my quick save/load keys accumulated any dust though.

Glad to hear the game is popular, I f’ing loved it. For an indie solo project it was amazing.


3.5 year thread resurrection! I just bought this today…for $20ish dollars, it sure isn’t pretty. I knew that going in, but it’s actually hurting my eyes, window or full! Also, as Peacedog said on page 1, the looting is probably close to the worst I’ve encountered in the genre. Wondering if there’s something I’m missing with looting? I seem to be clicking several times to get anything picked up.

Also, holy shit - using items like wands from the inventory screen is painful!


He did fix the font eventually, though. Thank god.


This certainly gets my vote as one of the worst interfaces ever created. I really wanted to play this, and like a lot of it, but that interface is just beyond bad. I haven’t been that pissed about an interface in a long time lol.


I actually think the UI is surprisingly good, but I agree the resolution is insanely, unneccesarily low. But I found it was very easy & streamlined to do everything… guess I don’t remember the looting at this point though :P

Was hoping this thread bump was because of a sequel! Booo

Looks like the developer made an RTS instead:

But a sequel is (slowly) in the works. I see a post on their forums by the dev from Feb 2013 saying ‘two more years’ …


Don’t hold your breath on the sequel. I just hope he’s still solvent after that RTS. Argh…


Don’t worry, his book sales will keep him afloat… maybe.

Anyway: I bought this game when it first came out. I don’t think I managed t kill the very very last boss, as you’re effectively locked in a few maps before you get to him, so I had no chance to escape and get stronger. I couldn’t be bothered doing it again. One thing I dislike about the game, and D&D in general: Whoever manages to get a wizard’s turn first has a massive advantage, as they can do mega AOE spells before the enemy can retaliate. I would often just reload and reload and reload as all of my people died before I even got a chance to use them :(

Fun game, though.

edit: For those of you with access to the “buyer’s” part of the forum, there was something posted as recently as Oct 2013 showing a map editor.


@Left_Empty I received this email today:

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The first game was received pretty well.

Unfortunately, D&D 3.5 is a bit much for my brain. Too many rules and spells that I can never remember.


I see it still uses the tokens instead of characters. It looks better than the early mockups from 10 years ago but I’ll have to see it in motion.


No waiting for me, I will be backing this day one.