Knights of the Old Republic Online confirmed

Don’t know if this has been mentioned yet in one of the other threads, but it deserves its own. EA has confirmed that Bioware is working on a KOTORO:

Star Wars mmo? Sounds great to me.

I see what you did there.

Oooh, I hope it has cantina dancing!

No surprise there, but it’s interesting nonetheless. I’d be tempted to play it… KOTOR is such a better setting for games than the movie universe, and the game systems will probably be better conceived than the ones in SWG, because Bioware isn’t known for a strict “you must be whacked out on acid twenty-four hours a day to work here” policy.

I thought that Bioware was only going to work on the two doctors’ IPs?

they also aren’t known for their dynamic successes in mmo-space either…

Destructoid’s bit on it:

Meh. What was Blizzard’s best MMO before they released World of Warcraft?

So true. I can’t be bothered to search for my old SWG posts, especially since they may have been on other forums, but I remember when the game was announced that I said the Jedi issue would be a potential deal-breaker (ie, omit them and anger lots of your customers, or add them and kill the setting). KOTOR won’t have that problem, at least.

They better pray they get it out before Starcraft Online.

This is excellent news. There are a good number of current and former disgruntled SWG players that have been waiting for this.

Hopefully they expand on the Space component of the KOTOR games. A robust space game, with the trade aspect and variety of Eve combined with the social/1st person aspects of SWG (POB ships, twitch combat) could draw a lot of people to the game, even if they aren’t Star Wars fans.

I’d prefer Baldur’s Gate online, but I do suppose this is quite the great compromise to settle on for.

Sign me up, Scotty!

It’s funny, cuz it looks like this caught Bioware off guard. They are still in “we don’t comment on rumors” mode, even though it was the CEO of EA that said it.


Diablo II?

As an MMO junky, I’m pretty interested in this, but I’m sure it’s way too early to get a good feel for the details. Like, the stuff that’s really important to me including PvP details.

8 player peer to peer ≠ MMO

This news item didn’t seem like confirmation to me, just speculation?

Hey, is that a pear in flowing white robes with angel wings and a mouth?

OK, back on subject, why would EA’s CEO announce what’s probably their biggest product for christmas 2009 in an interview with some random website rather than ramping up the PR machine and making a big todo about it at E3? Either he’s an idiot or the article is wrong.