Knights of the Old Republic Online confirmed

Has Bioware ever done PvP before? As an RP/PvE’er I’m not really concerned with it, so far as it doesn’t affect the pve game. It is an interesting hurdle to pass.

At least the setting lends itself better to PvP than the GCW era did.

Sorry, carry on.

What part of:

"We’ve just spoken with N. Evan Van Zelfden, the writer of the report, who told us that when asked specifically if this game was “KOTOR Online”, Riccitiello responded unequivocally, “Yes.”

sounds like speculation to you?


Agreed though that it’s a pretty crappy way of announcing a game. Hopefully the PR department is scrambling now, knowing the cat is out of the bag, and will give us at least some slim details.

AFAIK, no, BioWare hasn’t done PvP, but then again, they haven’t done an MMO, either. It would seem that KOTOR would be tailor-made for PvP of some sort. But I’m guessing this game is a looooooong way away, so not much sense in getting too riled up about it.

Well, I guess the part I quoted sounded like speculation. When I first saw that news item, I read the part I copied and stopped reading.

BioWare’s PR department? The ones who insult their fans and rickroll them? I can see why EA’s prez decided to not go through them!

Well, since LucasArts are the ones publishing the game, it’s really up to them to decide how to react. I’m sure the Bioware people are just shaking their heads at Ricitiello’s stupidity in confirming the game. Makes me wonder if he’s up to something, since I really can’t see EA being really excited about the committments Bioware made prior to EA acquiring them. Even if a KOTOR MMO is huge, EA’s profit will be limited (unless Bioware had some sort of sweet deal with LucasArts.)

Even if a KOTOR MMO is huge, EA’s profit will be limited (unless Bioware had some sort of sweet deal with LucasArts.)

The project would have required a third partner either way - LucasArts doesn’t distribute their titles outside North America.



For those waiting on the Codex response, I think this is it.

Too bad Troika and Obsidian aren’t free to take this ball and run with it.

Oh, I agree. But it still had a more vibrant economy than almost any other real MMO on the market, closed servers, etc. It’s probably the closest thing to a pseudo-MMO in that it has a lot of the traits of one (persistent characters, servers, economies, etc.)

Why not?

Because in the KOTOR universe there are lots of Sith and Jedi fighting each other. More or less depending on what time period in KOTOR they pick. Personally I’m hoping this will be before Revan turned during the Mandalorian wars.

No. The Codex response is stereotypically “Single player or GTFO.”

What if it’s during the Mandalorian wars?

I didn’t really enjoy the KOTOR combat mechanics, but I guess they would work well enough for an MMO. At least this has the potential to be a somewhat fresh take on the genre.

And? Jedi fought against the Mandalorians. At least the ones who followed Revan.

I’m not sure what people are getting at. The important thing is the KOTOR timeline is far better suited than the Skywalker one.

Yup. Thamer’s right. The presence of hundreds/thousands of Jedi and Sith per server won’t break immersion in the KOTOR universe at all. Instead, it will make perfect sense.

As long as you can play an ewok jedi, I’ll probably pick it up.