Knockout City - Dodgeball

Game is quite fun, and seems to be on all platforms and crossplay/progression. Have a crew up HellRazors#4940 and always looking for more. Game is currently on a 10 day free trial and is also on gamepass, but only cost $20 on other platforms anyway. KO ID is Harkonis

It does sound fun.

Lack of marketing + $20 purchase on an MP-only title doesn’t bode well. Looks good, and from what I can see in other people’s videos, the mechanics seem simple but with some depth for skilled play like Rocket League.

I’m hoping/guessing gamepass from day one should help with a lot of that but it definitely feels like a mistake on their part that they should have learned from Rocket Arena

I’ll give it a download and try.

Here was the reveal trailer from a while ago.

And season 1 trailer:

They also have featured placement on the Switch eShop, so they might be relying a bit on the platforms for launch visibility.

Brie Larson of movies fame has actually streamed this, so, she either likes it, or the marketing budget isn’t that small.

they paid for Brie, Sykkuno and Brookeab to play. They also dumped cash on Timthetatman and several other big streamers. Market budget has been large, just mostly on social media.

It’s doing Ok so far. I wish I had time for this kind of game nowadays. Looks really good.

Was that a… Monkey Island reference I just heard there?

I gave this a try today. Not bad. The controls are intuitive and feel good. I did a tutorial and after my first match I was left feeling there wasn’t much to it. I played a bit more and my understanding opened up.

I think the “catching” mechanic is fantastic. Time it right and you can catch a ball thrown at you. When you have the ball, you can see the catch animation of your opponent. So if you time it right, you can nail him while his catch is in cooldown.

It reminds me a bit of Splatoon.

I don’t know how successful this will be, but I kind of like it. I’ll be playing on and off for the next few days.

the game is quite fun. there is a lot of room for interesting “competitive” play here. feels very smooth and non buggy. combat is quite good

I played some more of this last night and after getting completely trounced in several matches, decided to do the rest of the tutorials.

Passing! Holy hell, this is a huge part of playing well as it increases the power of your ball making it charge and throw a lot faster. And it’s very easy to incorporate into how you interact with your team. The receiving player doesn’t have to do anything to catch the ball. As long as they are not already hold a ball, it will just work.

You can fake a throw by clicking the R-stick.

As I was playing, I noticed some player pulling off some crazy tricks when they threw. Turns out you can lob the ball over walls and curve it around corners (to a degree). It’s pretty easy to pull off.

I guess the takeaway from all this is to do the tutorials.

Does this game learn anything from Apex Legends in terms of non-verbal/automated team communication?

you can say pass to me, watch out, throw me, stuff like that but you can’t ping locations or enemies.

its got pretty good base commands, like if you try to pass without a ball it says to your team “pass to me!” or if you go into ball form, you auytomatically say “pick me up!”

yeah, it’s great fun to fake people out. they always get confused and shield early. fake, fake fake, spin, flip, spin then throw and you’ll fake nearly everyone out lol

This game has some budget F2P artwork design like the other failed EA multiplayer B2P title Rocket Arena.


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I need to try this, getting great reviews.