Kohan 2: Strategy Title of the Year?

KAG got quite a few nods and awards. Id expect a game prettier and deeper than it to go all out. It has been rather eh Year for PC titles so it should give Kohan 2 a chance to shine over the dumb hype titles.

It might win somewhere but I would bet that R:TW will win more. I couldnt say which is the better strategy game at this point. I can say that both games are a hell of a lot of fun and that right now there is not enough time in the day for me to do all the gaming I want to do.


Yeah, I guess KAG didnt have Rome: Total War to go against the year it won all of its acclaims for being the deep strategy game it is. However I would think a game that offers a better experience, fixes flaws, and generally just appeals to pretty much everyone would be able to meet the challenge.

If anything its going to be close, what else came out this year so far? Whats left?

Axis & Allies is on the horizon. :-)

DAMN you Timegate and your horrible thinning effect on my wallet!

MrAngryFace is making a not very clever argument against Kohan 2, guys. “Kohan won some awards, so if Kohan 2 is really better, how come it hasn’t won awards in the future?”

I was trying to be clever?

Sure, my post wasnt nearly as good as “Kudos to K2 for its fantastical documentation: Or Wow a reference card, what a concept!”