Kohan II

If you start the game up, I’ll try to drop in this evening.

I own a copy as well but have only played the demo a while ago. Like Sharpe needs another excuse to decimate us in an RTS :p

This evening is impossible for me though, but you should go ahead and play anyway. I’ll suck too bad.

Can’t make it tonight. As I have to get destroyed in Gears of War apparantly. Perhaps tomorrow night or something.

Uber necro, does anyone still play this?

I’m going through this soon, after I am done with Kohan 1, and I have to say I am actually very impressed with Kohan’s design, abstracting things like supply, the very slow pacing of combat, the lack of things that need clicking :)

Yeah, Kohan is one of the great RTSs that every RTS player should play.

I played it a few years back with @Otagan and @Otthegreat. It took a bit to get both Kohan 1 and Kohan 2 to work online though.

I’d probably fire this up if we got some players together. Someone will have to provide some info/links on how to get the multiplayer working.

It is a classic RTS IMO, one of the very best.

Kohan is great, both 1 and 2. Yeah I vaguely remember having to go through a VPN or something to get the multi-player to work.

I’d let sharpe beat up on me again - was fun the first time around and I didn’t even know sharpe from the forums back then.

I’m bouncing between this and Rise of Legends, both underappreciated games imho, but quite different.

RoL is much more micro heavy, but the city management there is imho superior.

The strangest thing is I am also playing Spellforce 3 (guess I am going through an rts spell) and can’t help but feel that mechanics wise, things have not advanced in checks notes 15 or so years.

Kohan I and II are on the very short list of RTS games I’m willing to play, since APM isn’t the key to victory. Tooth and Tail is number 1 on that list.

A slow RTS you say? I’m intrigued!

Steam offers 3 Kohans. Assuming I’ll play one, and only one, which one would you recommend (for SP)?


If I never see Tooth and Tail again, it would be too soon. That was a game I regretted purchasing.

At that price, all 3!

I’ve never seen Kohan reduced in price before, so I’d grab them all right now.

I got mine from Spacedock, but I believe they will still work with the Steam Version.

Tooth and Tail is wonderful IMO. 2 great videos of Day9 learning to play it:

I asked the same question on this forum over a decade ago and I would recommend both Kohan I and II. There are enough differences between them you can appreciate both. Also I believe Kohan I’s sprite graphics are still pretty charming. Although the campaigns are…well, they are what they are. Skirmish my dude.

P.S. Ahriman’s Gift is a standalone expansion/campaign to Kohan 1 AKA Immortal Sovereigns.

I own it, I played it in the Qt3 tournament. I do not wish to watch someone else play it.