Kohan: Kings of War

This probably already went out, but these are the first screenshots I’ve seen of the new game…


I got those same screenshots from TG’s press kit. Let me tell ya, it looks even better in motion. ;)


I just hope the economy this time isn’t quite so easy to get into a death-spiral of overspending (what always killed me in Kohan).

I never had that problem… beat the game up and down. :)

The Gaming-Age Kohan aficionados have been all riled up, myself included.

We still have private Kohan matches on almost a nightly basis.

Yeah, both Kohan games are just awesome, plain and simple. This new one, although it may not retain the Kohan name, will retain the same universe and characters, plus have a lot of great new stuff.

Still the best feature on the game:



2 parter, worth the read. ;)

And yes, it looks stupendous in motion. The only really disappointing thing about it was how idiotic the dragon at the end of the demo looked. They just slapped together a few polys and called it a dragon.