Konami E3 Conference 2010 Replay


This is the funniest, best, and worst conference of the year. Watch it. The replay is starting right now. It has La Parka. It has furries on hoverboards for the Kinect. It has multiplayer Castlevania and Silent Hill: Con Bus.

Seriously, you won’t want to miss the faux press conference where they announce the E3 World Heavyweight Championship, complete with belt, and then have La Parka and two other luchadores get into a hysterical slapfight to promote their match for the title tomorrow.

I’m getting Russell Simmons talking about some rap game.

Yeah, the conference started out with major technical difficulties, so while they got their video set-up working again they just started shoving people on stage.

We are now at the point where they can show their games and they are showing Rap Star right now.

You did miss Russel Simmons saying “I talked to a sales guy and he already ordered a million mics, and shit, I dunno if that’s a big number, but shit!”

And here comes the Luchadore game!

Director of Slang? Okay, now this is getting good.


290 pounds is kind of heavy for a luchador, isn’t it?

Please please please let a full fledged wrestling fight break out.

Just a minor slap fight.

“I’ll take it in the back”

They gotta save it for the match tomorrow, which I will SO be watching.

Saw II. <yawn>

There are a lot of silences where people are waiting for applause, but there is no applause, then they beg for applause and there is some desultory clapping.

This guy is awesome.


I feel bad for Konami. It’s like they became the red headed stepchild of the gaming industry. They started the rhythm music game genre and now they’re clawing desperately for the scraps. The new Castlevania sounds awesome, but it still looks like a God of War rip off. They do put out some great handheld games, but let’s see a console game other than Metal Gear. I really hope they put out a sleeper hit that pushes them back to the forefront.

I think Neverdead could do well. It’s a funny concept, even if some of the humor in the trailer fell flat for me.

The impwotant thing to wemember is that WON MEWWON TWOOPS is EXTREME. ROCK AND ROLL!

This is a major example of the disconnect between presentation and trailer.

You are guaranteed to have fun as you shoot the core.