Kongo sues Norway for 500 billion dollars!

2 Norwegians get charged with murder in Kongo after a debacle where their driver gets shot.

These 2 might not win ‘sharpest tool in the shed’ award, but I’m curious what damage 500 billion dollars is to repair. Compared to their 10 billion dollar BNP, its a solid chunk of money they want for their murdered countryman.

The trial has been broadcast, and its been solid newspaper filler for months now.

I gotta admire their ambition.

They really should sue Belgium instead.

They would most likely have a better case.

Congo is a state that should really have been divided up into much smaller portions, this would have reduced the racial tensions, I think.

Its being pillaged for its natural resources today aswell, the Chinese are doing some major stuff down there according to rumours.
I’m pretty sure with the level of average education, they are probably clueless to what is going on.

I thought it’s pretty standard etiquette to link to what the hell you are talking about.

This looks like it works.

Two mercenaries from Norway accused of being killing people and working for army.

I wonder if their employer is called Whiteice

Yeah, it seems like they said the driver died from a bullet wound to the head. My friend said that a ‘bullet’ wound to the head from a shotgun would leave no head.

I’m thinking CSI would be nice here, but I doubt they even know/care about how a wound was made, easier with gunshot = wound.

It’s not just the Chinese that are pillaging the Congo (in fact I’m pretty sure they consider it too wild to send much in the way of ‘investment’).

During the last civil war, a whole slew of African countries sent armies, putatively as “peacekeepers”, but in actuality to loot the Congo’s resources. Zimbabwe in particular had a huge intervention force which spent most of its time looting on an industrial scale, and the Mugabe regime used its wartime booty to ensure loyalty by paying off its various cadres. When the civil war (which was an epochal horror on the order of the Holocaust that the Western media completely failed to report on, possibly because the over 5 million dead bodies involved were black) stopped, the money stopped flowing in, so the various corrupt Zimbabwe officials and military leaders, not willing to give up their lavish warlord lifestyle, looted their own country instead. Peace in Congo led directly to Zimbabwe’s economic collapse.

pretty sure, chinese gave congo like $5 billion to “pillage” their country.

I know $5 billion isn’t much in your opinion lum, but it’s enough to buy lots and lots weapons.

Is one of them undead?

Apologies for Letterman; apparently that’s the only actual Zevon on Youtube, everything else seems to be covers.

They were just sentenced to death, and the courts decided Norway should pay 60 million dollars in reparations, a symbolic gesture representing a single dollar for every citizen of Congo. This according to Norwegian news.

They’ve been found guilty of, respectively, murder and attempted murder, as well as espionage on behalf of Norwegian intelligence services. I wonder what kind of response the government will make. I hope they stay out of it, except elections …