Korean Movies

The one Korean film I’ve seen is Shiri, a spy-action-thriller. It’s inane and has an absurd plot, but it’s got fairly good production values, and it’s less inane and absurd than similar genre movies from Hollywood, such as Mission Impossible 1-3.

I think this review http://www.offoffoff.com/film/2002/shiri.php3 is fairly accurate. It’s only moderately favorable, but I can’t think of any superior American action movies in recent years, offhand.

Agreed on both points.

I saw Oldboy without knowing anything about it. I was constantly thinking that whatever the name on the credits, it must have been a secret collaboration between Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Takashi Miike.

If you want to buy em, I use www.yesasia.com for Asian Dvd’s. They’re pretty reliable.

The love for Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance is seconded, though I think the fight scene in A Bittersweet Life tops that in Oldboy.

If you’re interested in emotional as well as physical violence I recommend Jung Sa and Marriage is a Crazy Thing, which is much better than its title.

Tried Netflix? If such a thing is offered in eastern europe. I have no idea, honestly.

JSA and Oldboy are definitely both well worth watching, but I’d say both of the Sympathy for… films are comparably a level below.

Not a waste of time, but neither of them is great and both films badly want to be more thoughtful than they are.

Its already been said, but I highly reccomend Memories of Murder and Peppermint Candy as well.

Just watched “Il Mare”. It has the same lead actress, and I believe same director as “My Sassy Girl.” Good story and great camera work. The actor’s voices shoot through and make the subtitles more than sufficient. In fact, I was rewatching it with company and while commenting on the movie realized the subtitles were off. You can pick up that much just from the visuals, good stuff.

As an aside, it seems Keanu Reeves / Sandra Bullock star in a Hollywood remake., the Lake House. Hope you die, Johnny Mnemonic! They are also remaking My Sassy Girl, I am not sure how it would work with an American girl. Actually, it seems they bought the rights and are remaking all of them.

Kim ki-Duk is a good director, with some really weird stories. I saw The Bow last year, and it was very odd. Other movies by him that have been recommended are 3-Iron, Samaritan Girl and one of Tom’s favourites, IIRC, Bad Guy.

Otherwise, I agree with everyone else about JSA and the vengeance “trilogy”. I saw The President’s Last Bang last year, too, but that didn’t really grab me.

My favorite Korean movies are both comedies: Barking Dogs Never Bite and The Foul King. Memories of Murder, noted above, is excellent. If melodrama works for you, I also recommend Crying Fist.

Just recently saw both Vengeance movies. Mr. was pretty good, Lady Vengeance not so much (they could have easily cut off 20mins from the finale). Neither as good as Oldboy.

And for fans of that director (Park Chan-wook), one of the three stories in Three Extremes was directed by him.