Kororinpa (Wii)

So I got me a Wii (only took three days of keeping three different find-Wii-stock webpages autorefreshing all day…) and one thing I picked up quite on a whim was Kororinpa, previously described here by Kitsune as “Marble Madness and Cameltry on acid”. I don’t know Cameltry, but certainly the rest is true…

Remember when the Wii was announced, and some people described controller motion-sensitivity as ‘just a gimmick’? Well, gimmick maybe, but I can’t think of any better control scheme for a roll-the-ball-around-the-course-without-falling-off game than this one. You move the Wiimote to move the course. That’s it. Utterly no explanation needed - I’ve heard tell that Wii Sports is perfect for non-gamers; well this is even more intuitive than that. The implementation is tight as you like, no discernable lag, just the right level of sensitivity, and although I haven’t got a clinometer out to check, this thing certainly feels like it’s got degree-level precision.

Against: probably too short both in number of levels and length of levels - it could do with another 10-15 that continue to ramp up the difficulty (but it’s got a measure of replayability in the constant quest for improved times); the music will annoy those who get annoyed by MIDI music; the differences between the various balls you unlock are not particularly pronounced.

So I would say one to get now if you ever liked Marble Madness; and one to get out of the bargain bin whenever for just about anyone.

I just got this on Friday. I’ve had about 20 minutes to play it, but it made me real happy! Like you said, the controller seems just sensitive enough, and it works beautifully. Some of the best moments in early stages are when you have to turn the maze 90 degrees, to turn the wall into the floor. It really feels like you’re turning the maze over in your hands.

Hopefully we’ll soon see a lot more games that use the controller for continuous, variable input… instead of that “shake it now! Shake it left! Yeah! Push it out!” nonsense.

I heard a reviewer (gamespot or something) complain about the infinite retries, but I like it! This is definitely a game to play with “non-gamers,” and you won’t break any lamps.

Also, the presentation is really cute and well done.

These are the types of games the Wii needs to start churning out on the regular. I think the low sales and interest in established franchises ported from other systems show that people aren’t interested in tacked-on motion sensitive gimmickry. We want fun and original ideas that were designed with the Wii’s strengths in mind.

For a brief terrifying moment, I mistook the title as being Korn’s take on the rock band rail shooter genre (nee Aerosmith).