Kotaku pays comp time for overtime for playing games for reviews.

This is a great idea. A lot of people think playing games for work is fun, but loose sight of how long it takes to actually play the game and write about it. It is especially challenging when you realize early on the game stinks.

All of my game work was freelance, but the average MMO review I did for PC Gamer would take about 60-80 hours to play, and another 5-10 hours to write the review.

Did you have a lot of hard core deadlines I’m assuming…I can imaging getting so sick of playing even the good games that many hours in a short time span…seems that would also possibly slant the game negatively a bit if one gets so tired ot it.

The deadlines were firm, but fortunately most of the games I played were open ended. For MMOs, I’d set a rough percentage of getting through the level cap and different zones before saying I was done. It’s not feasible in the timelines to get to level cap and experience end-game content for a review. For MMOs, my general angle is if I thought the game was worth someone checking out.

Working on the deadlines did cause some real-life fun times. My early hours on The Matrix Online were spent also doing colonoscopy prep. I did a Sims review during a data center move where I didn’t sleep the entire weekend balancing the two.

While a lot of people didn’t like reviewing MMOs, I thought reviewing single-player games was harder. I was the type to get stuck in game often so I’d have a hard time getting through them.

Oh man, do I have feelings about this.

How many hours to pick between 7, 8, or 9?

(Just joking)

That was the easy part. Just roll a d3.