KOTOR 2 on Vista issues

So I decided to replay KOTOR2. There was a game launch problem that I was able to resolve as there is plenty of stuff on the net about it. However, I’m seeing a pretty predictable crash/bug problem when playing. After about an hour of play my screen goes black and I get an message saying my display driver has had to shutdown and restart. But that kills the game and I have to shut it down and restart. I’ve gotten used to saving but I’d like to resolve the problem.

In checking around it appears that many think the general problem is that Nvidia’s display drivers simply aren’t designed to support older games that vary too much from the standard. That suggests it may be a problem that cannot be fixed.

Anyone have any ideas?

here’s a suggestion: http://www.therogueforums.com/knights-old-republic-kotor-forums/4925-vista-fix-kotor-ii.html

Thanks but I’ve already done the “Mssdll” file replace as that was the solution to the launch problem.

I recently experienced the same problem and resolved it by dropping down to a previous graphics card driver.

If you’re using an NVIDIA graphics card it might be worth a try.

The problem is with your Vista Cruiser.