KOTOR 2 question possible spoiler

at the sith academy is it possible to get the sith holocron or is it only destroyed? One other question is do you get multiple thermo whatsits to blow open those doors?

I explored the academy pretty thoroughly and I couldn’t find any way to get that door open without the explosives. Maybe you can get it open some other way if you return later.

I was thinking - perhaps when you get root access in the detention room, would you be able to unlock it? Or perhaps slice the terminal to get access to unlock it? I don’t know, I planted the explosives before I left.

But, if you do open the door, then that ugly guy is waiting for you. So that might not work, either.

well i found i could take the explosives back to duxn to open the 2nd mandalorian cache, but it didn’t really have anything too useful. I just don’t want to miss out on the holocron