KOTOR -- big fat huge save game files

So am I correct that with the save game sizes for KOTOR, there is no way they can be transferred to another Xbox?

It seems the saves are 1600 blocks, but the only Xbox memory cards I can find are 500 blocks. Is this correct? Can you direct connect two Xboxes and transfer files this way?


Just imagine if your hdd fails and there was no way to backup the save.

Probably not by my guess. But here is a counter question for you!

Does KotOR offer any romance opportunities ala BG2? I’ve been diddling my drow cleric for a major leg of the journey recently and am quite shocked how deep Bioware seemed to script the choices you can make regarding how this relationship can evolve. Some responses are eerily familar even, albeit excluding the D&D tongue twisters.

So seriously what kind of Jedi sex are we talking about here?

Only one, I think, for each gender. Which is a shame, but at least it’s fun dragging the prissy jedi bitch down into the darkside mud. :)

Sorry, I can’t answer as to whether or not that is possible. All I can say is that this is a big reason as to why I modded my Xbox. I replaced the existing drive with an 80GB, (should have gone 120, but oh well). I can copy the games direct to the hard drive and run them from there - keeps the originals all nice and sparkly clean. And, of course, I’ve got it hooked up to my network, so I can easily FTP all my saves over to my computer for backup.

Sorry, I can’t answer as to whether or not that is possible. All I can say is that this is a big reason as to why I modded my Xbox. I replaced the existing drive with an 80GB, (should have gone 120, but oh well). I can copy the games direct to the hard drive and run them from there - keeps the originals all nice and sparkly clean. And, of course, I’ve got it hooked up to my network, so I can easily FTP all my saves over to my computer for backup.[/quote]

Yes, the save games are too large to fit on a memory card. This is a by-product of all the equipment variations, gamestates and the fact that you can buzz from planet to planet at will.

As for the modded Xbox, I have heard this before. I am not saying that you are doing it but, let’s be honest, the vast majority of people that mod are pirating. It takes very little effort to keep game disc in good shape and I don’t really see that as a reason for modding.

I would agree that the majority of people modding are doing it for piracy purposes, but I could also see myself modding an Xbox just to make the hd bigger, make games runnable from the hd, and make the hd available over my network. Having wasted too much of my life this week staring at the “Loading” screen in KOTOR, the idea of running direct from the HD to cut load times looks REALLY REALLY appealing right now.

Don’t take this wrong, Dave, but I want to mod my XBox as well. I don’t want to pirate anything I just want to play around with it. There’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with a modded XBox and I’ve come to the conclusion that when the price drops again I’m gonna buy a second one for just this purpose.

Let’s face it: there is really only one good reason to mod your Xbox…

ok, so Sones is on to me.

That’s the other reason I left out.

BioWare sure likes huge save game files :shock:

I must say I wouldn’t have bought an Xbox if I hadn’t been able to mod it. One of my primary reasons for choosing it when trying to decide between different consoles was the amount of tinkering you could do.

Part of it is just a matter of princible. I don’t like to pay for equipment that places limitations that in no way benefit the consumer (DVD region codes are probably the most stupidest thing ever). But modding an Xbox gives convenience features that aren’t even close to what you can get using offical solutions and an unmodded Xbox.

I want to backup my save games, system files and games. I want to stream music and video directly from my computer via the network (or directly from the xbox HD). I want to play direct link games via the network with a friend. I want to use homebrewn applications and play homebrewn games (and make them too, if the Xbox Open SDK project ever gets far enough).

And come on, what’s the point of a gaming system you are supposed to play slouching on your couch when you have to get up to reset the console and change discs? ;) Long live In-Game-Reset and launching games directly from the HD!

Maybe a majority of modders do it to pirate games, but I don’t think legal modders are exactly a tiny minority either (jugding from the Xbox owners I know personally, each and everyone of which have a modded console). I know I’ve bought about two games per month since I got my Xbox.

EDIT: And Sones also makes a good point. ;)

so hows the best way to mod one? I don’t particularly want to solder?

Interestingly, I once had a Playstation memory card just inexplicably die on me, killing my progress in several games. I was CRUSHED. :( I concede that the potential for that to happen to an Xbox hard drive is even greater.

I don’t know if anyone makes any “mega-sized” memory cards for Xbox. But even if they do and an KOTOR game would fit on it, I don’t know if it would let you transfer. Some games, for no good reason whatsoever, don’t let you copy the file in the Xbox dashboard to a memory card. I totally hate that and it should be some sort of MS rule that all Xbox games must allow save game transfer.

There’s no way to transfer via system link, unfortunately. When they come out with that Xbox Music Maker product later this year that lets you transfer mp3s and stuff to your Xbox, hopefully the PC side of that product will include something to pull your Xbox saves and data files onto your PC. It would be a totally kickass feature–emailing saved games around would rock.


You can try that. I got a solderless mod chip and it was pretty easy to setup although I had a friend who couldn’t get his to work. I love the loading speed from the hard drive and the ability to quickly change from one game to another plus the ability to backup saves to my hard drive via FTP. I do buy my games but then rip them to the 80gb hd I put in.

Oh and here is another neat thing you can do with your modded xbox:

And finally you get a region free DVD player and the ability to play DVDs without the remote once your XBox is modded.

– Xaroc

There are some modchips that you can attach to the motherboard without soldering, but they tend to be more expensive and might have a risk of becoming loose if the box is moved around.

If I were you, I would probably find a friend who has a lot of experience soldering stuff or take pay a “professional modder” to mod your box for you. Googling for Xbox forums might give you pointers about reliable modders near your location.

Yeah, when I get a little more cash in I’m gonna order the xecuter 2.2 lite and the solderless addon. That player is just an added bonus.

Well, don’t worry too much. Xbox developers are getting a lot better at managing memory and loading than what Bioware did with KOTOR (sorry guys). Sudeki, for instance, should have no loading times, and I do believe Fable has none as well. I haven’t heard specifically, but Halo had those big LOONG loads to put the level onto the hard drive, and then no real load times during the levels (which were huge). I’d be surprised if Bungie didn’t make it a priority to virtually eliminate loads for Halo2. I’m told loading times for Soul Calibur 2 are just a couple seconds, too.

The load times are one of my only frustrations with KOTOR (especially when swoop racing over and over). That, and the handful of bugs I’ve run into that really should have been caught by QA.

Big huge word of warning on modding your Xbox: Microsoft can detect a modded box when it connects to Xbox Live and refuse it to join. I’m not sure, but I believe they already do (any of you modders play on Live?). Having now played three or four games on Live and hearing the features for the Live-enabled games this fall, that’s a really big problem. I would personally rather be able to play on Live than have my Xbox modded.

I haven’t yet but once I decide to jump through a few hoops to get my hard drive “locked” I can disable my chip to play online. There hasn’t been much I wanted to play online but I think I am going to want to play NHL2k4 and maybe NHL Hitz Pro online if it has Live!

– Xaroc

The newest generation of modchips have an external on/off-switch and a separate ROM for the original BIOS. This way you can turn off the modchip when you play on Live. Of course you must remember to always switch off the chip when playing online or you risk having your id blacklisted. It’s always going to be a bit risky, though, since MS might come up with some new way to detect modded boxes. However, since switching off the modchip forces you to use signed, unmodified, original copies of games when you play online, I don’t think MS is has enough motivation to develop new tricks anytime soon.