KotoR I or II - Are old Jedi more powerful?

Maybe this should be in Movies section… but I finally finished Kotor II … pretty cool sequel.

Anyway, are the the old Republic Jedi/Sith more powerful than Luke, Vader, Yoda and Sidious? I even think my main character in Kotor II who got to level 27 at the end could kick Vader’s ass. I was uber… slicing up Dark Jedi easy.


No, I have no reason to think so. Games always exaggerate the player’s role. That’s why you always kill thousands of soldiers in WWII FPS’s and shoot down countless pilots in sims. That doesn’t mean SNES Super Star Wars Luke is stronger than movie Luke.

Superman vs. Mighty Mouse: FIGHT!

That’s only unrealistic for Allied pilots. There were a few dozen German WWII pilots who ended their careers each with well over 100 aerial victories.

Actually, I seem to recall that Lucas had said the old jedi were more powerful. He always referred to what we were seeing in the prequels as “the end of the jedi era” that they were losing their power, sort of their ‘sunset’. He also said that, until the prequels, the only jedi the fans had seen were an inexperienced boy, an old man, an ancient on the verge of death, a corrupted elder, and the only jedi in his ‘prime’ is half machine.

So, I’d say that, yes, pretty much any jedi in KotoR could have kicked Vader’s ass.

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Yeah, and Dooku was so badass because he had learned and adopted the old ways of dueling with a lightsaber, IIRC. Plus, with all the Jedi and Sith temples like Dantooine and Korriban, you’d have to assume the larger numbers (and competition/training) yielded better Jedi/Sith.

Phantom Menace’s novelization had a passage that Quo Gon (sp?) was taken completely aback by Maul’s first attack in the desert because nothing in his Jedi training prepared him for its ferocity. The Jedi had become too complacent, too comfortable in their position within the Republic, IMO.

There was a direct reference to the fact that the Jedi were losing their powers within one of the prequel movies. I don’t recall the exact line, but it came up during one of those Yoda/Mace Windu conversations.

Didn’t one of the Darth’s have Force Nuke? Learned from Ancient Sith lollygaggle.

what’s Force Nuke? A jedi power that releases a nuclear explosion at the wave of the hand? Did they have nukes in their day?

Nah. Just a name for a force power that kills everything in a humongous radius.

KotOR2 plot device.

I don’t know. Vader’s a Force Crush spammer. It could be a tough fight…

I read that the most powerful Jedi was supposed to be Luke Skywalker at the end of the Yuuzhan-Vong era (or perhaps, even after that).

I have no examples of his power to share, sadly, only that he “was.” Admittedly, some of the dark jedi did pretty sick stuff, like pulling a destroyed battle cruiser out of a star. O.o Not sure what Luke could possibly do to compete with that. But I like the idea of Luke becoming the strongest ever.

Yes. Perhaps it’s another bit of Lucas plot stupidity, but all of the talk about “the one,” the guy who will bring balance to the force, and his kid who is incredibly strong with the force, does not exactly mesh with, “They’re losing their power, and these guys are much weaker than the one’s who came before.”

Not suggesting anyone in this thread is wrong, because it is just like Lucas to try to say both without realizing the contradiction.

I don’t know that they were losing their power so much as they were decadent, complacent, and in need of a spanking. Perhaps Anakin brought balance by providing the spanking, thereby achieving a desperately needed housecleaning, clearing the way for a new Jedi tradition, one less encumbered by thousands of generations of dogma.


I don’t recall that being specifically force anything. After all, Bao-Dur built the thing before you make him a Jedi.

Call me crazy, but I think Luke could beat Kotor just by sitting down with it for 10 hours or so.

Didn’t Anakin (aka Darth Vader) have all those miti-bullshit things, so he would be the de-facto “most powerful jedi”?

I never really understood how all this is supposed to work. I guess Luke could, theoretically, have more miti-thingies because he never got his blood-sugar tested, or whatever they were doing in Ep I, but other then Luke or Leia no one could be stronger then Vader by the canon, right?

Oh, warning: this post basically spoils every single Star Wars movie at once.

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Vader was the product of immaculate conception, kind of hard to top that particular Jedi move.