KOTOR Question - Possible Spoiler?

Hi All - I just finished KOTOR and had a lot of fun. I picked a male solider as my character, and concentrated on the light side of the force. Probably pretty standard way to play the game, if not a little dull. But I’d like to play it again and I have a question.

I’ve started the game again as a female scoundrel. The plot line so far early in the game seems similiar in terms of dialog, with only a few objections from the other characters on my team when I choose more of the dark side routes.

My question is this (possible spoiler): late in the game when I played as a male, there was some sexual tension between my character and Bastila. Some of the dialog options even gave me the chance to “profess my love”. But now as a female character, and the fact that Bastila appears to be remain as a female, what happens to the “love dialog”? Does it remain? If not, where does the dialog head?

Yeah, yeah, I know… Just curious though.

  • Snacko

If you’re playing a female character, you have 2 love interests: Carth and Juhani.

Ah, ok. Thanks. That’s more included dialog that I thought might be available. I’ll look forward to seeing how I can choose between the two.

Thanks :-)

  • Snacko

Juhani isn’t really much of a choice, the “relationship” is really low-key IIRC.