Kotor Sequel?

So I’m thinking while playing this excellent game that a Kotor sequel should be in the works by now. or maybe an expansion? anyway, I’d rather play Star Wars in this timeline than in the movies timeline. Kotor is good indeed. Also, maybe ditch the d20 limits and make a completely sci fi star wars system. D20 can be limiting ina computer (console) game.

So what should be in the seqeul? Oh shit, I didn’t finish the game yet (on the Korriban? planet right now 2 of 4 done for the forge map…).


I’d be surprised if there isn’t a KOTOR sequel, but BioWare has a busy schedule – two unannounced games plus another NWN expansion, all of which I believe are in-house efforts.

Maybe for the Xbox 2 launch??? :D

Maybe for the Xbox 2 launch???

Yeah I seriously doubt we’ll see a sequel on the current Box. If they keep the same engine it’ll probably take at least two years, which would put it at summer-fall 05, which (from all indications) will be the launch of the next gen consoles. Since it already seems to be pushing the limits of what Xbox can handle I’m guessing they’ll aim for the Xbox 2. Considering the number of in-house projects already going on at Bioware I’d put my money on a 2006 release date.

Now that KOTOR is out, I’d like to hear what the unannounced original IP projects are.

heh – wouldn’t we all.

All I ever got out of BioWare at E3 were vague hints – one will be something we’d expect and one will be something surprising. Also, one’s PC and one’s Xbox, but I have no idea which is which.

My take on that is that one will be a CRPG and one will be…who knows? Maybe they’re doing a hockey game? Ok, probably not, but expect the unexpected.

Remember, KOTOR is a lucas Arts game. They could give a sequel to another developer.

That would be dumb!

anyway, for Kotor 2 add some more planets, and bigger planets with huge hunting grounds aplenty and ditch the d20 flavor!


What’s so bad about the ‘d20 flavor’? I thought it worked pretty well and I haven’t heard any people complain about it being part of the game. Heck, I ignored it for the most part.

I thought both of the unannounced Bioware games were RPGs. I want to say I read that somewhere, a press release or something from a long time ago.

I’d love to see another KOTOR game from Bioware. Seeing as how it did so well, I have to think there will be one, but probably not for a long long time.


Maybe MDK 3? Who has the IP on that now?

It’s a LucasArts game in name, but it’s very much a BioWare game. I’d sincerely hope that LucasArts wouldn’t be so clueless as to try to let somebody else take over (read: ruin) this great title.

I wonder if there’s any chance of releasing new content – maybe not a true sequel, but more like an expansion pack – over Xbox Live. So far all they’ve mentioned are new items and a “shopping area,” but no new areas or characters, which is what I’d like to see. Is there any mechanism in place for charging money for content over Xbox Live?

They could take the Bethesda route and do an expansion(or two), combine it with the original and sell it for $30. That’d be nifty, but I’d settle for anything, really.

It’s a LucasArts game in name, but it’s very much a BioWare game.

NWN is a BioWare game, but Floodgate did the expansion. If Lucasarts wants another KOTOR game on the Xbox in a short timeframe, I’d think a new developer (probably under the guidance of BioWare) would have to be brought in.

Actually, SoU was a joint effort between BioWare and Floodgate.

Heck, I’d like a movie set in the KOTOR era; the story in this game is light years beyond the drivel in the current Star Wars movies IMO.

You could just read the comics.

Comics? I suppose I should have known there were SW comics, but as I don’t follow that genre much, I haven’t seen them. Generally I find comics too expensive for the fifteen minutes of fun you get.

The setting of KotOR is based on the Tales of the Jedi comics from Dark Horse. You can find trades pretty cheaply and see the first appearance of the double lightsaber!

I think it might even make financial sense for Bioware to hire an entire team to make KOTOR, they’ll almost certainly get it back and then some.