KotOR sets Xbox sales record


If you go to Robbie Bach’s speech at around the 19:40 mark he says that KotOR sold over 250,000 units in the first 4 days, an Xbox sales record.

Whoa… :shock: congrats to the meatbags at Bioware!

It payed off to release for xbox first… imo I don’t blame em. What with piracy so damn high on pc games…


Congrats.It deserves the sales-so far, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.And I’m the absolute killer at Pazaak.

Yeah, congrats to all. This game is a masterpiece.

And it’s about Star Wars.

I love you, man!

Congrats are in order Dave, Tom, and any of you sneaky punks and punkettes that may be lurking through here from Bioware. I cannot see getting an X-box, but the release opn it first has not only boosted that console’s worth in many people’s eyes, but is and will be great press and buzz leading up to the PC release.(Its almost like Bioware planned it that way :wink: ) I guess a simultaneous release could have created the same amount of excitement on both the console and PC, but we would not have been able to do this all again in a few months. Yippee! Now is that release October or November!!!

Any grief you get is more to keep you all from getting big heads, getting complacent, and taking it easy through the next release and other projects. Bugs or no bugs, if I had an X-box, I would have already made my “bought into the hype” purchase. :)

Without question. Dave, don’t take all the bitching about bugs to be a sign that we don’t love this game. It’s just the opposite. The bugs and hangups wouldn’t be half as annoying and standout if they weren’t marring what is otherwise an unbelievably fantastic game. It’s one of the best RPG’s I’ve played in a long time, and you guys did a fantastic job, on the whole.

More kudos here. Great game guys.

why do people get excited about rereleases and second platform releases?

people are actually excited about PC halo, years after it first came out for the xbox.

is halo still interesting in the wake of bf1942 and planetside?

Yes, Halo is still a damn fine game

Yes, its a good game but the no coop pc version really sucks nads. And I hate the excuses Gearbox made for the exclusion of coop… like it was impossible to do. No coop, no buy. Halo coop rocked on xbox, and gearbox could have at least offered a lan coop option. Even System Shock 2 had coop!


Congrats, Bioware! Your efforts deserve the rewards. I look forward to more on the XBox in the future.

“is halo still interesting in the wake of bf1942 and planetside?”

Well PS didn’t leave much of a “wake” for me. While BF1942 is a great game I don’t think that means Halo PC, while not revolutionary couldn’t still be fun. The vehicles in Halo like the warthog will be diffrent than the tanks and halftracks of BF1942 while fun are still glued to the ground to the ground so to speak. I want to go flying off a hilltop in a Warthog, catching some air, while shooting at a banshee on my tail.

Back on topic - Congrats Bioware - now get the damn game out on the PC please.

If KotOR is selling Xboxes, and I were Microsoft, there would be talks going on right now to make that delay Halo-esque in length.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a slip till next year but I doubt LucasArts will do a Halo on KOTOR.

Where are the pics of Ray and Greg jumping around like caffeinated little school girls, in piles of cash?

Agreed. As a patch!

Careful what you wish for. Greg likes to avoid wearing pants.

Careful what you wish for. Greg likes to avoid wearing pants.[/quote]

Gah, got a gross mental picture there. :cry: