Kraft to Fight Obesity by Reducing Package Sizes

Yeah, this will work. I’ll just wind up eating two packages instead of one. :roll:

You and Sinner both. Maybe you can go to (insert bulk warehouse store here) together and stock up!

Wumpus, that joke only works if you assume that A) SiNNER’s kitchen isn’t already a Kraft storage facility, and B) he only one package to begin with.

Come on, man. The guy could be a carnie for fuck’s sake. Sit there for hours in a trance due to his laborous inhaling and digesting skills. Hell, SiNNER doesn’t eat food, he has advanced osmosis; the food just seems to disappear!

Oh, and SiNNER’s a Jew.

Heh, not much need when I have Pepperidge Farm, Hostess and Sarah Lee factory outlets right down the street. This explains why I carry my lunch and no money to work. Otherwise I’d wind up resembling a beach ball.

I’d say it’s quite possible that it will to some extent work.
Now, if people would just start MOVING.

I think in our next game, we’ll cut the single-player game length by 20% and put out a press release announcing our participation in the battle against lack of productivity in Americans. :roll:

Oreos in bulk are suprisingly cheap. I bought a box at Costco to bring to Shoot Club, and it cost $5.50 for 150 cookies.

That’s 3.67 cents per Oreo (rounded up).

Not a bad deal at all.

Which raises a question from my inner cynic: Is the reduced single-serving size strictly a public-health altruistic move, or are they going to charge the same price for that reduced-size package?

It’s certainly not altruistic. They see the parasites are about done with tobacco companies and know they’re pretty high on the list of alternate hosts.

Also made by Kraft. They’ve built an empire on empty food. Oreos are so cheap because they’re made of the cheapest, non-nutritive, processed foodstuffs known to man: refined white flour, refined white sugar, and fat. The majority of expense on the production end probably goes into the packaging.

Not to get on a high horse about nutrition or anything. I ate a package of them Newman-O’s in one sitting last week. belch

I hate those double stuff ones, too. Cause you know the frosting is cheaper than the cookies, so they’re selling food that’s worth less than regular oreos for the same price! Whores!

What the hell have we come to? Suing McDonalds because you went there and ate 10 Big Macs a day? Making boxes of snack food smaller to “fight obesity?” My god, people, what ever happened to taking responsibility for your life??? Have we completely lost the concept that you make your own choices and you have personal responsibility for the results?

Our society has gone to hell in a handbasket with this whole “it’s THEIR fault!” finger pointing mentality. I’m fat? It’s THEIR fault for making and selling French Fries! I had a heart attack? It’s THEIR fault for selling me all that red meat that I cooked and THEIR fault for selling me cooking oil that I could use to fry foods. I killed someone by driving drunk? Let’s go to court - so, Farmer Brown, you ADMIT you sold the corn to the processor who sold it to Seagrams who sold it to the bar who supplied my client with his drinks! Sheesh. Let’s sue the people who make elevators and escalators - it’s their fault I don’t take the stairs and get more exercise.

If there’s any sign of a society in decline, it’s this whole lack of any personal responsibility syndrome.

(hikes pants up to my chest in old man fashion…)

Whoa gramps, I don’t think anyone here’s talking about suing McDonald’s or blaming food manufactuers for America’s obesity. I said that Kraft has built an empire on empty food because, well, they have. They make incredibly cheap crap that hits the pleasure centers and keeps folks coming back for more. I agree with you about the personal responsibility thing, but I also think there’s a more entrenched dynamic at work, that goes deeper than “bad food + lack of responsibility = fatty fat fat.”

Looks like great minds and the last bastions of god-like social superiority think alike:


Yeah, but based on other press releases from Vince, his remark sounds more like “do as I say, not as I do.”

insert wry comment about laws designed to “protect” people from themselves

  • Alan

What is this deeper dynamic? “Food that hits the pleasure centers?” Is that a way to say that they make food that some people thinks tastes good - it sounds like a biochemical stealth attack. LOL! Kraft makes all different kinds of foods, etc. I like Wheat Thins (probably not Kraft, doesn’t matter.) If Kraft makes snack foods that some people like, more power to them and more power to the people who like eating chips and dip with their burgers. If some people buy Hostees Twinkies by the case and eat them by the dozens, they’ve got a personal problem that’s not going to be solved by having Hostess pull Twinkies off the market - they’ll just self-destruct in some other manner.

I’m just reacting to this whole concept that we all have to be “protected” because some people refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.

In ancient Sparta, people protected themselves by ritualistically killing the retarded, deformed, and common sense challenged.

I think we should start taking that up again.

I agree. Who knows where Met lives?

In this discussion I don’t think we can discount the fact that Kraft is owned by a tobacco company, and learned the hard lesson that the only people held responcible these days are the people with the deepest pockets.

I think my favorite part of the current climate is that Tobacco companies, Kraft and McDonalds are all evil, but we should legalize drugs! Part of me thinks there are a bunch of people out there who can’t wait to sue pharmisutical companies for selling them legalized pot, coke and heroin!

I live in California. But don’t try and take me out yet – I’ve got my lawyer’s number handy and he’d be more than happy to sue you acting on a comment that I suggested. :D