Kult Heretic Kingdoms Demo

I d/l’d this demo … not a bad game for a budget title…

I managed to get to the second area (the Village of Arthema or whatever)… but wtf do you do there? I killed a bunch of mobs and I walked in a bunch of houses but they are all empty… what am I supposed to do there?

Many of them are empty but their owners are often standing out front. There’s a bunch of quests in Arathen that should be pretty straightforward…is the place empty altogether? There should be quests with the Miller, some missing villagers, Magistrate’s son, a lady having nightmares, Tavern or Inn looking for boar meat…

i guess myd emo is bugged… i searched the whole village (the map stops scrollingwhen you hit each side, like TOEE) and there is no one… .I also checked the village in the DreamWorld mode… same deal.


There is a girl west of the bridge along the river, she will give you a quest to rescue the villagers from the rat creatures.


The graphics vary a great deal, from good to below average, but not in a way that detracts from the gameplay. However, the controls feels like the need more tuning. The mouse clicks don’t feel entirely connected to what’s going on on the screen all the time (delayed and inaccurate). I need more feedback too, I couldn’t always tell if I was clicking in the wrong spot, or just missing the swings.

That reminds me of how the controls for Sacred felt to me.