Kung-Fu/Martial Arts Films - Best of?

One of my favourite kung-fu movies that hasn’t been mentioned yet is Dragons Forever, with Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. Even better, the final fight is against Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, and it’s one of the best fight scenes ever.

I actually liked The Protector more than Ong-Bak - uncut tracking-camera fight up a million flights of stairs, fights in a temple that is both flooded and burning to the ground, and the scene near the end where he spends about ten straight minutes breaking bones and dislocating shoulders. What’s not to like, really?

I just got the protector, havent watched it yet, glad to hear it’s good stuff.

Oh yeah, The Blade is AWESOME (except the scene w/ the dog)

I thought Ong-Bak was horrible–godawful story combined with Jaa doing the same moves over and over and over again.

Ong-Bak was fine, but the friend who recommended it to me really oversold it by telling me its fights were brutal and realistic. All I noticed were lots more knees and elbows than usual. The freerunning/steeplechasing was physically impressive, but lacked the creativity of some of Jackie Chan’s moves (at least, the first couple of times Jackie did them). Plotwise, how can you not love “Evil Gangster Steals Village Treasure”? Er…

One more vote for Drunken Master 2 from me, which I am especially fond of. (I had the pleasure of shaking Jackie Chan’s hand the second time I saw it. He was wheelchair-bound at the time, following a botched stunt for Rumble in the Bronx.) DM2 has some good period detail combined with very nice action setpieces featuring crowds (e.g. the teahouse under attack by the Hatchet gang) and “bosses”. Ken Lo’s toggle-action leg was amazing in the final fight.

Stephen Chow’s movies are cartoonish fun. Shao-Lin Soccer is the funnier movie overall, but Kung-Fu Hustle has some exhilarating fights and inventive CGI effects from start to finish. I’ll take the final battle between Chow and the Axe Gang over Matrix Reloaded’s Neo-Smiths fight any day. I really liked the musical score, too.

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

Truly the alpha and omega of the genre


You gotta have lots of guts to pull that move.
Still like this one better.

Ooo, yeah. Although I liked the fight between Chan and Benny “The Jet” in, uh, Wheels on Meals (I think?).

And how could you forget that great fight in the warehouse with the rollerbladers in the The Protector? A million times better than a similar scene in Rumble in the Bronx.

I liked Ong-Bak and the Protector for their fight scenes–they’re almost like porn movies in that you should probably just fast-forward to the good bits and ignore everything else.

Finally, since you mentioned Sammo Hung and Yuen Baio, lemme give it up for Righting Wrongs (also known as Above the Law) with Yuen Baio and Cynthia Rothrock, Millionaire’s Express with Hung, Baio and Rothrock (and Yukari Oshima who was awesome in a few things and unremarkable in several dozen others), Prodigal Son, Sammo Hung’s early kung-fu movie that’s like a snotty punk rock dismissal of standard kung-fu movies, and some of the fight scenes in Yes, Madam (Rothrock, Yeoh) and Lady Reporter (Rothrock again) even though the quality of the films themselves may vary.


i like shouting

Speaking of Cynthia Rothrock, Prince of the Sun/Tai yang zhi zi is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

Ong Bak
Tai Chi Master AKA Twin Dragons
All Bruce Lee Films-Plus the Legend Doc for the re-edit of Game of Death.
Dirty Ho-no joke that’s the name
Once upon a time in china
I also love Steven chow films-Master of Cookery is my fav.

And for the best of Wire fu- Iron Monkey

Tom Yum Goong is like Ong Bak on steroids. It’s 70% terrible plot, 30% 4 of the 10 best action setpieces you’ll see in your life. I’m presold on Jaa’s next movie, that guy is inhumanly athletic.

To throw in a Western movie, The Transporter has some pretty nifty fights. It also has the best plot of any movie in this thread, though it’s obviously still terrible.

Finally, I’ve always thought Revenge of the Ninja was a grossly underrated piece of filmmaking.

The Blade has a better plot than the fucking transporter, it’s actually a good movie.

Is Tom Yum Goong that historical thingy? It is on showtime constantly but I never watch it.

Master Ninja. via MST3K.

I’d vote for the work of Liu Chia Liang, including The Lady is the Boss and Legendary Weapons of China.

I liked the Transporter II better- just for the opening scene.
Another ‘western’ but maybe not Kung-fu- district 13- again just for the opening scene.

Wind / Cloud aka The Stormriders is my guilty pleasure.

It has terrible CGI now and poser-boy actors who don’t know any martial arts, but in my opinion it’s great Chinese high-fantasy.