Kung fu movie title

Hi, I’m new to this place and I didn’t know where to post this but I’m looking for an old kung fu movie that I use to watch as a kid. It’s about a young guy that don’t know how to fight and he’s really hungry so he goes to a food vendor and orders some noodles and meat and he eats quite a few bowls and meat and he can’t pay so the cook beats him up and makes him puke and then he meets a homeless man? And he trains him and he learns how to fight enough to beat up the cook and I know the old man acts like he dies at the end of the movie. But that’s about all I can remember. I was around 8 when I seen it and I know the movie was pre 90’s. Thanks in advance.

What year was it when you were 8 (might help as a reference).

You may be talking about “Drunken Master”, starting Jackie Chan. One of the all time great Kung Fu movies.

Make sure you watch the original (1978), not the remake that was later released.

Both have their merits. But this was also my immediate thought too.

The 90’s version has more actual drinking, and is more comedic. And better cinematography. But the original has a stronger focus on actual combat abilities (and was one of Jackies first, so his style was not fully developed)

And it’s got Bolo Yeung!


Yeah, the actual Kung fu in the original drunken master is cooler. The final fight is great.