KVM Switches

Yeah, ditto. I wanted a 9x box with my old Voodoo5 card. It’s great for RB3D and other Glide only games. Plus I can cut partitions and add extra OS’s and whatnot to just fool around with.

You probably don’t need hardware. Get Synergy instead. Thats what I’ve used for quite some time now.[/quote]

Synergy faq said it doesn’t share the video, though – it’s KM, not KVM.[/quote]

Right. Which is where the probably in my statement comes into play. :D

Just trying to help

When I recently bought my new computer, I went the KVM route so that I wouldn’t have to add another monitor (not enough space for another 19") or buy another mouse (I really like my Logitech Mouseman).

I went with the PS2 KVM switch from StarTech.com (bought it through Chumbo.com for about $81, shipped). The particular one I got (http://www.startech.com/ststore/itemdetail.cfm?ProductID=SV211KA&topbar=topbark.htm) has audio, too, so I didn’t have to buy additional speakers. The unit also came sold with the necessary cables, something Belkin won’t do (bastards!). The unit itself is very thin and small, but with all the wires it becomes quite a mess. Switching is done through hotkeys or a unit button and is fast. Split-second fast.

Switching computers while playing games has yet to cause me any problems. I play BF1942, Raven Shield and SOF2 and can switch out of the games to check my email on my old computer without issue.

Just to chime in, I used PCAnywhere for a few months in 2002 going across the public Internet from Massachusetts to Maryland with no problems. Of course during that time there was no need to patch or upgrade, but still, it never caused any errors or secondary effects on the servers.

At the same time I was using some rather expensive hybrid hardware/software solution (I forget the maker offhand) to go just across the hall to a server room using a combination of a LAN server, a bunch of this solution’s proprietary racks, and HW intervention on the video, keyboard, and mouse ports of the servers, In comparison to PCAnywhere on the Internet, it was really horrible and caused all kinds of problems. If only I had more licenses I would have used PCA on my local servers too.

Hopefully needless to say, if you are using any form of remote administration across the Internet or on a wireless network, you had best be prepared for intruders. Encryption is all well and good, but if you trust it too much you can get in a whole lot of trouble. In this case, I was administering machines which could only be administered in this rather dumb way, and those machines were on a deliberately exposed network segment that wouldn’t hurt anything else if they were compromised.

I was considering purchasing one of those type, but then someone pointed out to me that my old Altec Lansing sub woofer had an extra jack for a second computer. I would have never noticed otherwise.