Lack of Good PC Games to buy!

I own the only two good ones I could find, but maybe you guys could direct me to some new releases that have stupid boxart made in a garage look but juicy gameplay inside?

I already own Shadow Magic, so thats pretty much all I can think of that’s new and worth owning right now. God bless Shadow Magic and its random map generator of goodness.

You can expect Homeworld 2 soon… along with the flood of “Christmas” (read: September-December) releases. I also saw Freedom Force in the bargain bin. Definite pick-up.

Freedom Force was fun. I should probably just wait for Homeworld 2 I guess. I just wish I could find as good a value as I found in Shadow Magic which was 30 bux! DEAL!

I ALMOST bought republic and im glad I didn’t cause the stuff im reading on this forum makes it sound like nothing the box said!

Even so, I wanna buyyy something. Still a few days till Angel Season 2 is on dvd with Scryed 2 dvd. Argh.

BG2 and Throne of Bhaal are bundled now for $20.

Tron 2.0 has gotten fairly positive reviews.

Freedom Force for $10 is a steal. Awesome community support for that game.

I played Tron 2.0 demo and the giant worm murdered me a bunch. The story seemed ok tho.

Is Majestic Chess out yet? I played the demo and it’s pretty good.

Was it good? I saw it at the store and was intrigued.

So, yeah–it’s out.

Not a game but Simpsons Seas 3 just came out. Thats my 30$ :D

I will confess to being really curious about Ghost Master, and Brett Todd’s review on Gamespot makes me all the more interested. I don’t mind schticky games that pile on the cheese if they’re executed well, as evidenced by my love of Freedom Force and, well, really-liking of Max Payne.

Got out of work early today and picked up Tron 2.0 and AoW: SM at Best Buy. Almost grabbed Stains of Underwear for $20 but then remembered that I regarded NWN as game coaster of 2002.

Stains of Underwear is actually pretty good, and almost made me forgive bioware for the toolkit called Neverwinter Nights. SoU actually has a decent story and decent characters. The specialty classes are cool too. 20 bucks isnt a bad deal at all for the expansion.

The adventure part is…weird. Here’s how it works…I think. It’s a map, like AoW, and you are a wanderer of some sort. You move yourself by click on a building on the map; you can’t click just anywhere on the map and go there, it has to be a building/structure.

The first place I ended up was a shop, but I had no money, so I left. I wondered how I was supposed to make money. There was a little story about a troll that guards his bridge, but because of how was focused it was on his piles of gold, you were able to sneak by.

Then I ended up in a structure watching two rooks setting up a king (? I know nothing of chess) for a checkmate.

In the next building, I had to do this myself, I did it and won 100 gold.

I went back to the store and bought a pawn. I had no idea idea what it was for, but I’m assuming there’s combat in the shape of chess.

So yea, it was pretty fun. I’m seriously thinking of getting it. I’d love to learn how to play chess learn some advanced moves, and this seems like a really fun way to learn how.

Of course there is also normal single player and multiplayer chess.

As usual the Aussie distributors are f…king us around again. Tron was supposed to be out on the 26th, then they said 2nd Sept, and now it’s a “couple of weeks”.

In other words no one has any idea …

Frickin backwater banana republic here in Australia as per usual. :evil: