Ladies and Gentlemen – Mercury

Cause Kanada said it best.

The first photo of Mercury’s surface

That’s no moon.

That bright crater in the upper right of the photo almost looks like a ding in a windshield that’s started to crack.

What a great photo. I wish there was a way to gauge how much time passed between those impact craters.

Seriously, there’s no pictures of Mercury already? That seems implausible.

Also, man, that’s boring. What a waste of time THAT mission was.

Beautiful, thanks for posting that.

If you look closely, you can see Waldo in the upper-left.

Sure there are.

Of course this is not really true. You can see Mercury’s surface from the Earth, even if seeing is pretty crappy most of the time. Mariner 10 took photos back in 1974 from only a few thousand kilometers away. These are no doubt the best images to date, though.

Yea, in fact this very same spacecraft, Messenger, visited Mercury 3 years ago and took lots of pictures:

The highlight here is the first time a craft is in orbit around Mercury and can photograph the surface for mass survays. It’s an amazingly delicate path to make sure the spacecraft doesn’t melt itself and continues to shield its instruments from radiation and cosmic rays.

Mercury is soooooo useless.

Until we cover it in solar panels and power all of humanity with the energy beamed back to Earth.

A postcard would be nice too.

What the hell is wrong with everyone in this thead? Not to mention all the yahoos at NASA or JPL or whatever who took that picture? Why aren’t we talking about the ziggurat in the upper left quadrant of that image? Because I see clear proof that the Aztecs or Mayans or the undead dudes in Warcraft III have obviously been on Mercury building stuff. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally going to call George Noory tonight.


Fuckin’ cameras, how do they work?

Can’t we take pics in color now?

Only when it’s not in retrograde.

I see ley lines.

You must be a mage. Is your power spiritual or elemental? I’m guessing the latter would draw more power from Mercury.