Lamb - Prometheus scientist raises a lamb child and the sheep are pissed!

This movie looks totally bizarre.

Care to give some context for people who don’t watch trailers?

Thread title is pretty accurate. Just replace ‘Prometheus scientist’ with ‘Noomi Rapace’ and the gist is pretty much spot on.

Looks awesome!

I want to watch this now!

So we have PIG. Now Lamb. What’s next? I guess Foal. Possibly Goat. Actually not sure I’d want to see that one.

pretty creepy. Also an evil cat is in it.

There is one shot where the sheep eyes are glowing. First I thought it was fake or cgi. But then I remembered almost immediately 2001 Space Odyssey. There is that same eye glow effect on a leopard in the stone age set.

I read in a book about the making of 2001, that it wasn’t intentional, just light got reflected by the eyes of the lepoard. But they kept it in for the effect.

I think I am overanalyzing this, but I bet the Lamb makers did the same effect with sheep eyes. or maybe it’s just cgi

More like a jealous cat.

Sorry I used Prometheus because that is the last movie I remember seeing the main actresss in. Not sure if she is more famous in other movies abroad. (given this is a non-English film)

Noomi Rapace is great. She was in the original Dragon Tattoo films if I remember correctly.

Cow starring Shia LaBeouf.

Most nocturnal animals have a reflective layer at the back of the retina, the tapetum lucidum. It increases light sensitivity in low light, and means that if you shine a light at the eyes and look down the beam, you’ll see this eyeshine.

Even we have a very crappy version, hence red eye during flash photography.

This looks far too interesting to miss.

All cats are evil. :)

I don’t own a cat, my cat owns me (*)

(*) known as food-dispenser

Hell of a needle drop in that trailer.

Looks fascinating and pretty dang disturbing.

Absolutely don’t watch it, it gave away several things that are going to be awesome beats in the movie. But it does look pretty good, super weird and new premise, lots of atmosphere, and seems to accelerate well.

That was never in question. I never voluntarily watch movie trailers.

They have a lamb child… and the sheep are evil. Also guns.

Yeah, that’s the main role I think of her in.

A24, the same studio for Lamb, already had a movie about a Cow! Though it’s arthouse rather than horror.

Oh whoa.

Looks like a great double bill with Mandibles as the palate cleanser.

I thought that was rather creepy. Then I scrolled down to the fly thing. Hell no!