Lame stuff that keeps you up at night

So earlier tonight there was a huge lightning/rain storm. My power went off and on and I heard this high pitched electric whine. I checked the TVs and other stuff, most of them are plugged into surge protectors. The high pitched whine was coming from the ceiling, I could hear it in every room.

It’s like the high pitched sound some computers or monitors can make, really strange to hear it coming from the roof.

I just went outside and saw that there is a wire hanging from the roof over my deck, are they related maybe. I grabbed the wire (stupid in retrospect, what if it was electric?) and felt that it’s uninsulated wire, about an eighth of an inch, wrapped so it’s pretty strong wire. Since it is uninsulated I’m assuming it’s not for any kind of conductive purposes.

I climbed onto a stool (I haven’t bought a ladder yet) and got as high as I could, I tugged on the wire a bit, it feels like it’s attached pretty high, the stool got me high enough for my hands to be over the roof, just not my head so I could see. I also cleaned about a trees worth of pine needles out of the gutter right there.

I’m wondering if the lightning/high pitched squeal/power outage are related. Or possibly the wire is something to hold up the gutter and it snapped since we had a really hard rain and it was obviously blocked with the needles.

Anyone have a good guess as to what the wire would be or can the high pitched whine be explained? It’s gone now. The power went out for about an hour or so a little while after that and I didn’t hear it again.

A UFO crashed. Look for the rest of the wreckage down the road.

I’m guessing the same storm went right over my house. Instead of climbing ladders and grabbing wires, I wisely dropped the sand wedge with which I was playing and sat my conductive bitch ass down with a drink until it passed. You may be an evolutionary also-ran, bub.


What hz was the sound? Knowing frequency ranges is a good thing.


I had the same issue with a low pitched rumble I kept hearing. I went round the house checking every electrical item, then was convinced it was the generator for the temporary doctors surgery next door to me. I even called the neighbour in to see if he could hear it.

Then i heard it whilst away from home, and figured out it was tinitus, which was confirmed by some tests.

I reckon just be happy that it wasn’t the cracking of wall-paper late at night, and your black cat getting skittish like there were rats in the walls or something :)

Oh, that sucks. Do you still have it?

It is some slight damage in a certain hz range, and thankfully I’ve not had it for quite some time now. I didn’t realise it was tinitus as I’ve had the high pitched ringing many a time and assumed tinitus was always a high pitched sound.

I spent 18-30 in some very, very loud clubs, raves and concerts. Sitting in a bass bin of a 20k sound system at a drum and bass gig when I was young, dumb and off my head seemed a good idea at the time…

I am a very picky/light sleeper, that moves a lot.

I have described my sleeping style as “You know when an alligator gets its prey in the water, then it spins to break the neck? Ya… that is what I sleep like… alligator death roll”

But, if there is a loud annoying noise, I really usually just put in earplugs and then set an alarm on my phone to vibrate, and I put the phone in my shorts pocket.

Works 60% of the time, everytime.

I’m going to be up all night trying to figure out this sentence.

Uninsulated thick wire from the roof to someplace else sounds like a ground wire, perhaps attached to an old TV ariel or some other conductive metal installed on the roof of your house. I doubt the wire itself was causing the noise. Instead I’d be willing to bet it was a nearby transformer (the electrical kind, not the autobot kind). You said there were periods of power fluctuation priot to the noise, then the noise ceased when the power went out and did not return. The noise was audible in every room in the house and seemed to come “from the ceiling”, and I assume it was also audible outside? That’s a transformer, most likely having some trouble with load or switching due to the storm or an erratic power grid.

Ok half of the mystery solved, the high pitched noise came on again as I was showering. All over the freaking house! Coming straight from the ceiling. Well I got near the basement door and opened it and it was coming from DOWNSTAIRS. Went down, there’s an old smoke detector that was freaking out. No smoke no fire, the surge must have just set it off for some reason.

I unplugged it and plugged it back in again, no noise again yet.

Now the wire outside…Still a mystery but it’s good to know they are probably unrealted and that I don’t have an supercharged electric issue in my attic.

At night, the thing that lives underneath my bed comes out and tears at my heart while the thing that lives in my closet comes out and toys with my mind.

A friend of mine couldn’t sleep because he couldn’t remember the name of a song.

He finally found it… “Rump Shaker” by WreckxNEffect

All the taxes I have to pay so some lazy people can live off welfare.

After I fall asleep, I dreamt of dropping all the non-productive members(damn homeless) of our society as human bombs from planes in Iraq.

You’ve been living in Santa Monica too long.

seriously, you know it’s for real when south park makes fun of your city.

Hm, I do that a lot too. Usually when I’ve done something stupid or embarrassing and can’t get it off my mind while I’m trying to sleep. Whereas if it was during the day I’d walk my nervous energy off, in bed it happens in bursts, from lying on my belly to lying on my back in a blur of 2 frames. Alligator roll, I like that.

Sometimes I lie awake at night wondering if I’m pretty enough to find a nice girl.