I wanted to tell you guys that Rob (Xaroc) and I have started our own little blog project called Lamethrower. We discuss just about anything and are planning to have our own podcast that will feature me, Rob and Bill D discussing current games, reviews and just about anything else related to the industry. We’re going to start off with just us and then try to have guests on as the show progresses. We’ve got a bit of content up as of now and will be trying to add at least 1 piece a day during the week.

I welcome any feedback and hope you guys like it.

Tom approved this so don’t bust my chops for pimping.

That sounds awesome, I’ll keep an eye on it.

Interesting color choices.

Hehe thanks! Fun Fact: K. Thor Jensen did our banner because he is my homeboy.

Anyway, I was looking for a color that doesn’t hurt my eyes and yet wasn’t boring.

New daily site visit for me, looks like.

I’ll link to it from my site and make it a daily read.

(It can take Kotaku’s space.)


I’ve thought about doing the same thing (barely started it) and am totally with you on it.

Cool TriggerHappy.

Of course as luck would have it, the day we mention our site I come down with the flu (no not the Oblivion flu). I should have Oblvion within an hour or two and I may have some first impressions from the couch later if I can fight through this bug.

– Xaroc

Sounds like a podcast I will subscribe to now that is in full descent into oblivion (and not the good Oblivion either.)


How are we in full descent? Happy to hear any constructive criticism.

Joel Hulsey - the Ted McGinley of gaming podcasts! ;)

I haven’t noticed a lot of difference, to be honest. As usual, I find half the stuff interesting and half the stuff not very interesting at all.

It beats Gaming Steve, that’s for sure.


I don’t know how you guys expect to compete against GameSpy, GameSpot, and IGN, but good luck. ;)

Aw come on. Gaming Steve might be too long but it’s probably the best gaming podcast out there. Hell, he was doing an interview with the one of the guys behind Oblivion while the PC Gamer podcast was interviewing some food charity.

Yeah, it’s the length that gets me down more than anything. He goes on and on and on.

It’s been a while since I’ve listened, but on your recommendation I’ll give Steve another shot.

Does he still have that crappy intro tune?


It’s still long - no doubt about that - and the intro music is still just awful but I think it’s a great podcast. BTW, the 1up podcast has been completely revamped in the last month or so. It’s no longer a droning voice with the news. The last several episodes have been great. It’s creeping up on Steve as my favorite game podcast.


I think is still trying to decide what it is. The tech news is better covered by shows like TWIT and Buzz Out Loud. The gaming portion is trying to find its way after losing Tom and is bettered by more focused shows like 1up or Gaming Steve. The mix isn’t altogether comfortable.

As far as the poweruser part, I’m not completely certain why it doesn’t feel like a Poweruser show. Shows like Security Now are for the power user. seems almost scared to talk about technical details. Hell, you have an AI programmer as the voice of the show. Let’s talk algorithms.

I have a similar issue with the gaming portion. Sometimes I feel like I’m listening to the local newspaper. They give a column to the gaming guy but don’t talk about games like they have any perspective. Do Kristen and the guy not named Brad play games? I find it strange that they didn’t take advantage of the fact that almost everyone on the show is an employee at a games company. Give us a better peek into the process. Talk about the behinds the scene stuff (Brad does a little of this). How did GalCiv 2 change over the final month? What’s driving the current patches? What system configurations are giving the programmers fits? The resources are there. It’s like I’m waiting for them to be used.

Whaaa? The intro music is the best thing about GamingSteve! The only thing that doesn’t need an editor, anyway.

Did you see the episode where they interviewed several of the GC2 developers?

No, apparently I’m 2 episodes behind.

Fuckin’ corporate media!

Wow, Ted McGinley. Maybe it’s the focus of the show folks aren’t getting. It’s not a serious show. It’s just a few knuckleheads (or at least one - me) talking about tech and gaming news. I’ll talk briefly about a game that’s kicking my ass (after all, I am the “Worst Gamer on Earth”), but mostly we laugh and make fun of those that deserve it like the esteemed Hillary Clnton this week. I don’t expect to fill Tom’s shoes, just have a pair of my own. Mostly I bring a few laughs and a little different perspective than what was there before. But I also don’t want to minimize the show. I’m quite proud of it and quite honored to be asked to be a part of it. Kristin, Brad and the “guy not named Brad” (otherwise known as Derek) are as nice as the day is long. Some of the funniest stuff is before we start taping or after, quite the zany crew. All three are smarter than me (Brad and Derek because they program which is something I could never wrap my brain around and Kristin because she’s a girl which automatically makes her smarter) so I rely on humor. Most of the time I think we’re pretty successful. But you can’t hit it out of the park all the time, so if there’s something you think I missed the boat on or was totally wrong about, I’m all ears. I’ve never taken criticism personally, except when you compare me to Ted freaking McGinley! ;), so please make your suggestions.

What I hate about all these wanna-be radio podcasts is all the forced laughing. I can’t stand that. That’s why I don’t listen to bad radio shows. I hate that podcasts are imitating that.