Trust me, Charles, when ours goes up there won’t be any fake laughter. It’s going to be all very real despair

If you have Bill D though, will you have sound effects to represent your googly eyes popping out of your heads while he talks about the time he took a lady’s kidney and it ended up in a doctor’s lunch?

Oh, and get Koontz as a co-host.


I don’t think the world is ready for Brian.

I hate forced laughter as well. It’s usually quite transparent.

Good luck guys! Looking forward to checking it out.

Put a sock in Brad’s mouth for at least half the show. As soon as Brad starts to whine on about something of which he’s not entirely informed the show dies. It’s fine and sometimes funny for him to start a rant, but don’t let him take over the show. Someone HAS to stop him and balance him.

I like the cast, they all seem cheery and mostly have voices that are pleasant to listen to, including your compressed in a tin can feed, but it just doesn’t seem like the crew is overly interested in producing a quality show for others to listen to. Being lighthearted is one thing, but not taking your efforts seriously is not fun for the audience. While I’m sure you guys crack yourselves up plenty, the jokes are pretty much lost on the listeners. If your show is nothing but knuckleheads in a room then there’s no reason to listen. You guys have to realize that the comedy of knucklehead things like Jackass or the Ricky Gervais show is actual work. It’s a concocted chemistry that takes plenty of experimentation to make good. I think if took itself seriously, it could be good, but right now I’d rather try and stay awake through Gaming Steve.

I’m gonna say I am not the official spokesperson for the podcast. But some of this is just unfair. Brad very much knows what he is talking about. He’s amazingly intelligent and feels very passionate about his products. Comparing us to Jackass is, again, unfair. We are what we are. Yes, there are other tech podcasts and if you prefer them, then you prefer them. I listen to many other podcasts (on my Ipod while I walk) and there are some great ones out there. I think we’re a great one. Brad doesn’t charge for it and doesn’t make a penny. It actually costs him to do this, but does it for the community that has supported him so well. I think you’ll find most folks here and in the industry have a pretty high opinion of him. I consider brad, Derek and Kristin friends even though I’ve never met them in person (maybe I’ll fly up there to do an episode when it’s not 50 below zero there). Anyway, the bottom line is yes, we have fun and laugh a lot, but still think it’s a quality product. My voice will always sound more distant as I’m talking via Skype. The others are all together in a room. Short of shelling out some serious bucks for audio equipment, that won’t change. Give us a few chances, I think we’ll grow on ya. Kinda like mold…

I like Brad quite a bit and his ideals of gaming. However, you asked for feedback and it was given to you. While you may not like the feedback, if you want the podcast to have all the ‘qualities’ of a good podcast you have to take a balanced look at what might be causing it to lose potential listeners.

You can’t use the bullshit “It’s free and paid for, therefore any feedback doesn’t matter, you should be grateful for it” if you are asking for genuine feedback. If all you want is asspats and attaboys, you should have said so.

I think you completely missed the point of my criticism. I may have worded it poorly, but I don’t think Brad is bad, but too much of Brad (or anyone) is bad. It’s just that Brad most often dominates the show and no one shuts him up. I just speedlistened to the latest ep, and I heard a couple of instances when you got cut-off or talked over. Since your not all in the same room that will happen, but you guys need to learn to give everyone a chance (without uncomforatable pauses or Kristen coaxing). When you do speak put one idea out there, don’t ramble into tangents or make additional comments that someone else could just as easily do (Brad is king of this.)
I know your voice is limited by it’s compression, but I said it was tolerable despite that. It’s a compliment.
I mentioned Jackass, because it popped into my head as an example of something that is organic and unscripted and focuses on foolery. Jackass is entertaining because it is well produced and accesible. Many podcasts are dull and boring, but that’s not the problem I have with It’s like listening to amatuers trying to do something organic and unscripted and thinking that kind of entertainment is easy and doesn’t require much effort or planning on their part. It’s not fun to listen to. But I think with effort, it could be.
I don’t know of other tech Podcasts that so easily go so wildly off topic than PowerUser. I’m not saying that this is fundamentally bad, it’s just when you can’t bring your listeners along for the jokes (and you don’t), it becomes bad. I imagine the PowerUser cast would not be suited to a stricter moderation, but then the humor has to be something more than what you’d overhear at a bar between coworkers. Realize you have an audience and play to them.

That’s not what I meant. I’m always happy to get contructive criticism. But comparing us to a show like Jackass is not constructive. I don’t think it’s a fair comparison, but that’s my opinion. I appreciate feedback as I want my part to be as good as it can be. Kristin, Brad and Derek already have it down, I’m the newcomer. I’m not looking for attaboys unless they are genuine (and I’ve gotten a few of those). I’ve also gotten several suggestions that I deeply appreciate. Bottom line is we do this for the community and that’s not bullshit.

Arg. The RSS feed is abrieviated. Whyyyyyy?

Alright, then that’s my bad. Just seemed like you jumped on the “It’s free, no valid complaints since you don’t pay for it.” bandwagon that produces subpar programming with built-in-justification for sucking instead of addressing the real issues.

For myself I end up listening for the first half (or more if I have the endurance) and then it becomes too distracted and seems “thrown together” without any interesting topics that keeps the pace of the podcast. This might just be my interest of the topics wanes or it’s not put in an interesting way or perspective. I may be a minority, but I want a podcast to be entertaining not dry. I’m sure it can be done if that’s the goal.

We wanted to not have such a spammy feed. That and it does promote site visits.

Ok, so we’re going to be working on the podcast soon and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of how to record it. I’ve read a few things but am not sure which way to go.

I’m just (finally) starting to do some podcast recording, and while there are a variety of softwares out there to facilitate, the main bit of wisdom I’ve received is that if you want your podcast to sound really nice, it’s best to have both (or all) parties record their sides separately, then mash them all together in post-production. That way everyone sounds as nice as possible, but you still get to use VOIP (or whatever) to work remotely.

Of course, if anyone has any better ideas – surely a high-quality, low-latency audio program exists? – I’d like to hear them, too.

we’re shooting for a discussion kind of thing so I dont think the recording seperately will work.

No, each person records their audio input at the same time that you’re using some kind of VOIP connection to roundtable. You then sync up the individual files using some kind of audio editor (coughgarageband*cough) and you get higher-quality audio from every source.

If you’re simply going to do VOIP and then edit from one master recording later, I’ve found the best voice quality to be with Ventrilo using the higher quality codecs, but the latency on it tends to be ass sometimes. You also won’t be able to be very high quality without a strong connection to host.

RSS feed now set to show entire story instead of summary.

Yay! Thanks Jason.

Yeah, I should have done this earlier but I had a misunderstanding with the software.