LAN Confusion

I need to hook 2 machines in an apartment, up to an apartment building’s LAN. I have a crossover patch cable, and both machines have on-board ethernet.

From a cursory glance at the stuff, there’s not enough rj45 sockets to connect the machines, so I figure some netcards are needed. But… The ones with more than one rj45 socket costs five-ten times as much as the ones with a single socket, so which do I need to get a hold of? And can one of the machines manage with just the on-board ethernet?

… No, I don’t know how I get talked into doing this stuff either, when I obviously don’t have a clue.

You’ve got multiple machines and 1 socket into the apartment LAN?

If so a cheap router/switch should sort you out. Plug that into the apartment LAN socket and your PCs into the router.

Not sure what the current opinion is with regards to the best router for the job, but you can pick up a Linksys here, with no wireless, for about £25, add a couple of pounds for some cables if necessary and that should be all you need.

You need a switch, or a router that has one built in (most do.) In addition, the router will provide a way to do DHCP, so you don’t need to worry about keeping track of IP address/subnet mask, gateway, dns, etc.

Nellie has you covered.

Also, I’m now humming the tune to that Genesis tune only I’ve changed the words to “Can’t you see this is the LAN of confusion?”

Yeah LAN of Confusion would have been a much better thread title.