LAN Friendly Games

I’m setting up a LAN party with some friends and am trying to figure out what we can play without getting copies for everyone. We’ve got a broad range of computers coming (some of my friends aren’t gamers, and there computers may be a bit old) so I’m thinking mostly older games. I seem to recall some of the older titles can be legally played on LAN with only a single CD. Anyone know if any of the following can be played on LAN with a single CD?
[/li][li]Warcraft III (possibly with Expansion)
[/li][li]Age of Kings (possibly with Expansion)
[/li][li]Diablo2 (with Expansion)
[/li][li]Dawn of War
[/li][li]Company of Heroes
If you’ve got other suggestions for good LAN strategy games (particularly single CD friendly games), I’d also be interested in hearing them.

Total Annihilation (with Core Contigency). Supports spawn installs for multiplayer. I liked, TA: Kingdoms too, but I can’t remember whether it had spawn support.

Anything by Novalogic. I know they’re mainly shooters/sim lites but I’ve yet to come across a Novalogic title that isn’t LAN friendly.

Both Dawn of War (as of the latest patch) and Company of Heroes can be played without the disc. Yay for THQ! Keep in mind that online accounts are still tied to the product registration number, but LAN play should be okay (I think).

The Blizzard games have multiplayer-spawn support.

  • Alan