LAN games

What’s the best FPS for a small LAN party, say 3-4 people?

interestingly enough, its pretty fun to play raven shield with a small amount of people co-op against a ton of terrorists.

my friend and I did this last weekend with 20 terrorists against the 2 of us.

Co-op is fun, I love Serious Sam for this, but I was thinking of games where you try to kill eachother.

Unfortunately, Raven Shield is poorly suited for LAN games. Everyone has to buy his own copy of the game. Each install needs a unique CD key and the CD has to be in the drive or the game will instantly minimize.

However, for games that don’t offer a grand ‘fuck you’ to LANs, you might try Vietcon. There are lots of multiplayer modes, including typical deathmatch stuff and some nice team games. You can also play co-op as the US hunting down or holding back waves of VC.

There are also some really nice team games in Black Hawk Down. You can play against bots in UT2003 and there are some great new features in the latest patch as well as some good mods. Freelancer’s good for space actioney stuff, but it’s not an FPS and there isn’t really any player vs. player action.

And all of those games are very LAN friendly.


4 players can be fun in counterstrike as well as unreal 2k3. In fact, I’d suggest Unreal 2k3


I live in QuakeWorld man, and you don’t wanna come here.


Well, I’m sure it’s fun but console games are not what I’m interested in. I also doubt the PC port will be finished in time for the LAN tomorrow.

Jason, don’t want you to think I’m messing with you in particular but neither UT 2k3 nor CS is a good choice. A friend of mine is dead set against UT (I love it), while I don’t like CS very much. Compromises can be made of course, but my aim is that everyone should enjoy themselves. The clear advantages of these games is of course that bots are available.

Otherwise I’m thinking MOH:AA, SoF 2 and possibly BF 1942 if the latter is available.

Everyone likes MOH:AA, but we also feel that the maps are a bit large for such a small number of players. SoF2 and BF 1942 are wildcards because we haven’t played them together and introducing new games is always a bit of a gamble.

Total Annihilation is great for LAN games, but you need to have people who’ve played it before (which should be everyone). If not, how about Moonbase Commander? Haven’t been able to try it in a LAN game yet.

Also, I imagine Jedi Knight II is an awesome LAN game. Next party here is probably in two weeks, so hopefully I’ll get to find out.

Our favorites:

Warcraft III
I highly recommend any of these.

I got RS to play on both of my pc’s with only one copy and neither pc was hooked to the internet, so it can be done.

I second that notion. Tons of small maps around, plus mutators and bots keep things interesting (for U2K3).

I had some of the best fun playing Unreal 1 on a LAN back in college.

I’ll nominate Ghost Recon. But that’s if and only if your friends are into taking orders, and barking out some of their own. ;)

None of my friends would ever sit down for something so… methodical. So when I’m with them, we’ll usually play UT/UT2k3, or Halo. Maybe the occasional tenebrae Quake or whatever it’s called just for the bump-mapping. :-p

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Hmm, didn’t even think about JK2, but I think it might be fun. It has bots too as I recall.

Is there any mod that makes the sabre fighting better though? I love the concept but when I last tried it it didn’t seem very movie-like. You could hardly ever block attacks and I never really felt like I was fully in control.

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You really should pick up either Deadly Dozen 2: Pacific or Line of Sight: Vietnam for the co-op play alone. Best of all, these are budget titles. Really outstanding bang-for-the-buck gameplay.

The duel gameplay type for JK2 is great with small groups of players because 2 are always fighting and the other two can make fun of them waiting for their turn. With a disparity of skill things could get lopsided but it is definitely worth a shot.

– Xaroc

Yes-- plus co-op mode is quite rare! I also like BF1942, humans vs. bots is great fun, and you can ramp up the # of bots to increase difficulty.