Land of Legends beta test

For any of you that are already Shrapnel beta testers, Shrapnel is expanding the beta test pool for Land of Legends.
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Land of Legends is an small cartoonish fantasy tactics/strategy game in the vein of Advance Wars, Military Madness, Empire, etc.

You can read a GameShark preview for Land of Legends at

If there is any interest from people who aren’t already Shrapnel beta testers but who want in on this beta test, post here and I’ll see what I can do.


Turn-based strategy games on PocketPC? I’d love to help beta test, but I’m not a beta tester yet :(.

Wish they would update War Engine

This isn’t PocketPC – this is PC/Windows. I think I caused some confusion by posting in that other thread. =)


Hmmm, I was also tricked by the really tiny screenshots on the gameshark preview (and no bigger ones, eh?) – I still wouldn’t mind beta testing though :-).

Full-size screenshots are available at
(click on the thumbnails to enlarge)

There’s also other misc. info available on that site.


That link no es functionale.

Edit: It’s the period at the end.

okay, thanks. I edited/fixed the link.

Bad forum software! Bad autolinking code!


I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

There’s a game whose acronym is going to be LOL?


This should mean something … if only I knew what.

WoW, that’s crazy, huh?

Actually, Land of Legends’ (LOL) sequel will be called Return of Legends (RofL). =)

It will be a fairly futuristic twist on LOL much like Warhammer 40k is to Warhammer proper.


If you met Hiro Protagonist, would it be like matter/antimatter and the world explodes? :lol:

It would hardly be the first time an antagonist and protagonist met, would it? Unless Hiro is like, japanese for “extremely unstable in a star-trek kinda way,” I think we’ll be alright.

If it was a Land of the Lost game, I would be so there.

But otherwise, meh.