Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

Starting to lean towards giving up on the elementary defense assist challenge. Watched several videos. I can get the first golem low and keep the second golem parked. But when the time comes to “hand off” the first golem to my flier who has the 2nd golem parked, it falls apart. The only way the flier can lure him is to get in his range (otherwise he mvoes towards my group which has gone NE) and the flier can’t take more than 2 hits. Eventually he just winds up back north, well before I get the second golem anywhere close to low. Very frustrating.

Doesn’t help that I make a lot of positioning mistakes when I start moving north. In both tries I got this far I screwed up getting the debuff on the second golem once or twice.

I didn’t bother with this one. The buff-debuff interface has been showing its limits for a while, and for those challenge it is just impossible to keep track of what is going on in my opinion.

Word of warning: unlike what its description says, today’s level 70 dragon seems to enter rage mode at turn 7 instead of 9 (or maybe the description is supposed to say “when there is 9 turns left”).

I am having a lot of trouble with the A+ finale today. [You] Physical damage -50%, enemy is packing dangerous Leon, Luna, Emerick (grrr), Egbert, and Alte. Recommend heroes are Leon, Elwin, Alte,and who cares. At -50% damage down I was going to lean on defending and magic damage. But Lana can’t (fbuffed, natch) take out Emerick in one shot.

Maybe I’ll try with some of the martial crew even though there’s a big damage down penalty.

revised strategy, which isn’t working:

Ledin, Elwin, Liana, Lana, Leon. Move left, draw out Emerick on enemy phase of turn 1 and he loses a large chunk to attacking Ledin (can’t hit anyone else).

Turn 2: Lana can kill Emerick sans faction buff. Elwin moves over to a tree and Frontal Assaults Lunam but can’t quite finish ehr. Leongoes straight up and unloads everything on Egbert, whom he cannot kill.

Here I diverge. I’ve tried againing Leon to finish Egbert. Alternately I’ve used 1000 hooves to leave Egbert unable to get to anyone for two turns.

The problem is, Altemuller moves in on enemy phase and nearly kills Ledin with thunder strike or whatever that skill Is (this is preferrable to his dragon breath nuking Liana, of course). But Ledin can’t live through that andanother Leon/Luna salvo.

Have tried using my Leon to bait after the egbert attack but it’s inconsistent.

Since you’re using Liana, have your runed her for the Sky Archer yet? Liana/Bozel’s summons are not worth the investment, but the Sky Archer is awesome and good to peel off a foe or two.

No but I have decided I am going to at some point in the near future. Zerida is 2 pips (really more like 1.2 pips) from 4 masteries. Might top off Liana next.

Tried going with Phalanx on Elwin but it didn’t matter. Just couldn’t keep Ledin alive. Was going to switch back to Tiaris (don’t think it would have mattered but shrug) but went to bed instead. Tricky battle, I’m just not quite strong enough that it’s not a struggle at A+ final yet.

Goddess’ Left Hand, Hydra Bow, Nighthawk for the gatcha today. I at5 least got to level one of my other LHs.

Last knight (ore’d), pale staff (sits idly in collection next to queen’s sceptre) and my 4th I think Gift of Eternal Life. Two of those are good, don’t really need 4. At least it’s not 3 nighthawks.

Goddess’ Left Hand, Broken Star, and… Balanced Blade! Which is again a nice reward after getting 0 SSR weapons again on Sunday. My Leonhardt should be quite playable in the not-too-distant future, mostly just need a decent +ATK accessory.

I also threw 40 tickets at the collab banner as a last try to get one of them, and I managed to break my terrible SSR drop rate streak! With a Dieharte. Who I didn’t have, so it could have been worse, but not really the goal here. Time to start accumulating again.

I would happily drop 100 tickets to get a Dieharte right now. I like the various Origins of Light SRs but can’t use any of them thanks to bonds. Next Dieharte banner is something like 6 months away.

I am missing Tiaris and Luna, which makes Origins a pretty tough sell, as much as I like Liff/Sophia/Kirikaze. It is a faction buff slot for Leonhardt and others in PvP, which is nice, but it wasn’t even on my radar as a path for progressing my team before this morning, so it would take a pretty hard pivot.

Dieharte sucks so much they gave him the best Secret Realm piece of gear… which he can’t use since he sucks so much at either PVE or PVP.

I have had him for months before I finally got my Leon in Japan.
Bad bad bad Dieharte.

Yay Seal Guardian from joints today. Going to Landius.

You’ll get a Garm once you max that thing out :)


I got, uh, Divine Boots recently and stuck them on Vargas.

I watched a CN player do the A+Trial I couldn’t pass yesterday. he had an Estelle with 1k defense. I was like “ok so this video is not going to be helpful thanks tho”.

I don’t have any viable mage, so for those -50% physical challenge, it’s very easy: either I one hit kill anything with the penalty, or I just give up for the week.

I decided I was going to dedicate this week to Landius enchants. And then I spent all 10 honor purchases on Tree of Life enchants, mistaking it for Thorns.

happens a lot to me too!

at least it wasn’t steel!