Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

Remember to go spend the free aid ticket and bet on one of the apex finalists. Not much information in game, but from what I read elsewhere it’s basically 300000 gold per ticket if the person who you bet on wins. There’s no advantage or extra rewards to betting on the underdog , so by all means follow the crowd and bet on the mega whales :)

I placed my bet on the single non-whale left in the tournament, of course!

Most of the descriptions of the profiles of those guys… eeew…

Not my Luna, sadly. I mean I wouldn’t call it useless, but she’s only 3* and the aoe damage from the normal aoe attack seems to grow every time it’s used (in one attempt it eventually oneshot my two full health healers). Luna doesn’t seem to help overmuch. She can attack the angel in the first few physical damage works turns but after that she’ll get killed in the counter no matter what.

I got her to 36k once. I’ve gotten her under 100k twice more. But it eventually falls deeply apart. In the last run, I couldn’t prevent either Elwin or Leon getting one shot. They didn’t have the 1k damage debuff mind. It’s just that at some point in the fight, with the Angel’s health below 50%, she did a regular attack that would kill either of them and I couldn’t do anything to stop it (they are both at 100% at this point, I should note). Once either of them dies the strategy (this was Elwin, Leon, Alte, luna, Tiaris, Liana) falls apart and I can’t keep the damage up. Alte isn’t contributing much beyond fbuff but that helps Leon a good deal.

The angel gets tracker as its hp gets lower, that’s its talent. But not that much, and even with 15% reduction, that’s quite something. Yes, don’t attack with Luna unless you put an attack blessing on her: the Angel counters attacks physically, and that’s not Luna’s strong suits.

But your big hitters falling to her sucks. Need better enchants!
And Alte was my main damage dealer here, excepting Leon’s charge: he was the one keeping the angel busy by countering it while suffering little damage (Alte is so buff if you set it so!).

My Atle is not there yet.

Leon and Elwin weren’t doing great damage, but it was decent. But it’s not enough, I suspect. Enchants are overall pretty good but not like pvp amazing. 32% atk on Leon (no flat), 23% on Elwin (some gear swapping recently means I’m trying to get some enchants redone but no luck yet).

Yeah the insane def stats of the angel makes even a full charging blessed leon do less than 30k, which is ridiculous.
As for the better enchants, I meant on the other stats: ATK is great, but you need defense stats if you guys can’t resist an attack.

no such principles for me, I need gold. I brought the maximum number or tickets and bet with the crowd. Don’t fail me whales!

I didnt realize this was best two out of three. I watched Dango lose the first match and thought “oh well”. But now I have money woooo.

Who is the non whale, anyway?

So, this timeless trial is my first ever fixed damage map. Liffany bombs do some serious damage (backed by the Luna FB), but not enough to kill anything and even two Lana aoe sdoesn’t fix that. And I can’t keep a tank alive on turn 1 (thought I would try Landius but he couldn’t do it, so I said ok Ledin and. . . he dies to the second flier attack no matter what).

Don’t think I am quite strong enough for this, but I am not far off.

I was badly informed, apologies to anyone I misled! Turns out the rewards are scaled based on the number of people betting, which means I got trivial winnings from betting a few tickets on Roylee and Dango. (I did one on Teargrants I believe which won more than the other 5 tickets combined)

I believe the person Teargrants was playing against was not a whale based on the hero card. Then there are different degrees of cetaceans in the mix.

Only Zansin isn’t a whale in my opinion. A non whale doesn’t have fancy 300 dollars skins, but above all, she hardly has any maxed ranked heroes, especially on newer characters. Zansin is running 4 and 5 stars guys mostly.

I gather Dango is the same Dango who gives regularly those inane advices that Peacedog should ignore! That guy is an horrible whale (and his profile is hilarious!).

For the info, Zansin won because all whales run the same exploit and don’t know how to play the game (his opponent had the initiative and just did a massive blunder in both matches, ignoring immediate threats, while he showed a masterful knowledge of atk vs def in some situations, one of his dog moves was particularly daring I thought).

By the way how do you get extra tickets? I got only the single one.

Just go to Matches under Apex, and the ticket count is displayed in the top bar with a +. You can click that to buy more (150k a pop). Max 5 per. . . uh, I don’t know. Day, or maybe round. Or maybe you can just purchase 5 more after the freebie period.

Mmm got 180k from my free one, doesn’t sound like a sound investment!

Yeah, 3 tickets I think on Roylee, and I think I got a little more than 480k back. So 30k profit when I’m risking 450k (I assume you lose it all if you lose?) Next time I’m just sticking with the free one.

The calculation is also strange because I was pretty sure Dango had more people betting on him, but I think I got something like 340k back from 2 tickets, so (slightly) better profit than better on Roylee. Whatever. My last ticket on Teargrant netted me 240k.

There were quite a few people who were not whales in the top 16 I think, for example SilverSled who lost to Zansin also had mostly 5* units. Most of the non whales are gone now though, and Zansin is now up against the whaliest whale of them all.

Hm, Sofia also has mostly 5* for top 5, so that makes 2 I suppose.

Ledin, Elwin - bond mat blocked, but pretty highly geared (Elwin now in 30 Aeneas, but I may switch to carbon fiber).

Lana - finish her heart bond tomorrow, Strength is 7 (blocked)
Luna - toughness at 9, working on heart.
Landius - Heart maxxed, workong on Toughness and Strength (both blocked at 7)
Rachel - 7 strength, 1 heart.
Bozel - uh, 6 toughness and I think 3 heart.
Zerida - 7 tough (blocked) and 4 heart IIRC.
Leonhardt - 9 tough but 4 heart.

Lots of competition for maxing bonds. I am going to work on Luna first, and then I guess Rachel. Although her strengt6h is blocked. Landius joined the 5k club in the past 8-9 days and is 5.3k now, roughly. Enchants are ok, not great. I have to decide who to prioritize eq shop scrolls on and it might be him.I really need to RNG a sexy accessory for him.

Shard farming remains Landius, Luna, Zerida. Once Z is 4* I may switch voer to someone else. So much to do, so little time.

I’m currently farming shards for Bern and Joshua to reach 5*, and kind of flip flopping between whether to get Elwin or Landius to 6* first. I hate the long march from 5 to 6*, wish I could devote more resources to fun units like Sumire. Still, I want a team that can consistently tackle the hard event challenges first.

I bet on Cliff last apex round and lost (just the free ticket, thankfully). Good on Sofia! He/she definitely had less maxed units than Cliff.

Me too. 4 to 5 is hard enough. I continue to hope a new VIP thing that inreases shard dailies manifests (I never saw if that made it out in the other regions), just so that I can work on 1 or 2 characters on the longer upgrades while I keep bumping at least 2 people to 4*.

I got shit weapon rolls today (Devil Axe which will at least go into Angelina’s axe, Wind Cutter, fucking Purgatory). I did manage to upgrade Luna’s enchants some. I spent a lot of scrolls on Rough Sea to roll a Seal Guardian for Leon but couldn’t do better than 10% Atk (downgrade from the LK’s 14% but the extra base stats make up for that within a couple of points).

I tried a few different strategies on 10-2 elite over the weekend but nothing worse. I think I was getting some bad luck on rolls because Ledin couldn’t stay alive to save his life (or anyone else’s).

I think the long march is okay… If we had an idea of what to expect next level! The blackbox nature of it is silly (as are the huge disparities, but that’s another matter) since looking it up online is probably enough, but I ended up relying on @soondifferent’s report to know who is worth it. Since most really aren’t.

Yeah I can’t imagine how pissed I would be if I couldn’t see ahead of time what is worth it. Like nobody would look at Zerida and go “if you 6* her she gets a ton of bonus move”, nobody would expect that. It’s different from “well, I bet Liana dispells more buffs or in a wider range, but who knows”. So odd.

Trial SS4 is causing me some headaches. It’s “After attacking, damage is reduced by 20% (cannot be dispelled”. Which suggests you want Ledin (or whoever your best tank is) to do some work on this level. There’s a mage, though, you have to take out. I tried 2x healer, Ledin, Leon, Bozel but Ledin can’t seem to withstand all the attacks. It’s somewhat RNG dependent with 5* Tiaris (I’vbe had rounds where he took a ton and others where he died 3 attacks in). The monsters are obnoxiously spread out so you can only get a couple with Quake/Black Hole.

I used Leon to kill the mage, because he will one-shot Ledin easily. I also tried a Bozel/Lana combo but that didn’t get much done (although ironically Ledin lasted the longest in that fight).

Don’t think Landius is quite up to task yet.

In Gacha I picked up two more galaxy cloaks this week, as well as two cloaks of deception (the generally available version of the last banner’s armor). And two Nighthawks (fused).

Galaxy for Listell right now I think.

I beat SS4 by switching Elwin over to gRand marshal (although I forgot to swap his troops lol). But he was able to take a couple of hits here and there to keep heat off of Ledin, and that did it.

SS5 is harder. [You]-50% physical damage.